How to unzip files in Google Drive

Unzip files in Google Drive

In this tutorial, we will see how to unzip files in Google Drive easily by using different ways. Google Drive has evolved a lot over years. Ranging from tiny PNGs and large video files we are managing different documents on Google Drive storage. You can easily store small size files like images, gifs, word documents, … Read more

How To Add Checkbox In Google docs

Add checkbox in Google docs

Google Docs is one of the online word processors that provides you the capability of writing, Editing, and sending documents. In our daily life, it may be our work life or our study, we definitely need a document. Google Docs is one of the excellent options to fulfill your need. While working with a document, … Read more

Google drive folder: How to Share, unshare and turn off link sharing

How to Share Google drive folder

Google Drive is a powerful tool that lets you invite collaborators, control document permissions, and allows you to share files and folders. Google Drive makes it simple to share and collaborate with different types of files. You can share files and folders, control the sharing permission, and turn off link sharing options on Google Drive. … Read more

How to add/hide comments Google docs

add or hide comments Google docs

Google Docs is one of the most useful tools to collaborate and synchronize your work in one place. The collaboration of Google Docs will eternally benefit communication, which especially works well for remote workspaces. To make clarifications during collaborations, Google Docs provides the“Comments” feature. Without comments, collaborators and readers may find themselves confused to the … Read more

Download Google docs for desktop or for Windows 10

Download Google docs for desktop

Google apps are cloud-based and run straight from Google’s data centers. There is no linear way you can find to download Google Docs for desktop or windows 10. But there are many workarounds you can make use of Google Docs without the internet. You can access all your Google Docs documents from your desktop or … Read more

Google docs line spacing

google docs line spacing

Google Docs is a full-featured word processor with various formatting functions to make your Google Docs document look exactly the way you desire it to look. Google docs have two awesome options that format your document to its eternal look. They are line spacing and paragraph spacing. Google docs Line spacing is generally defined as … Read more

How to make a timeline on Google docs

how to make a timeline on Google Docs

You might have come across excellent graphics on sites that depict their company’s timeline and their journey via Infographics. If you are wondering about making something similar for your business or product, it will be highly beneficial for not just you but everyone looking to know more about your brand. So, we have created a … Read more

How to Make a Brochure on Google docs- 2 Popular Methods

How to Make a Brochure on Google docs

If you have been looking for tools to create brochures on the web, well Google Docs is the free tool that you need. In this guide, we will learn about how to make a Brochure on Google Docs. You can either choose to go for the already provided template or simply create Tri-fold and two-page … Read more

How to backup Google docs- Using 4 different Methods

How to Backup Google Docs

Google’s Drive program permits you to make and store accounting pages and preparing records in the cloud. The previous Google Documents (Docs) is currently a piece of the Google Drive program. Google docs allow you to save your progress in the cloud. This is one of the steps Google has taken to ensure the safety … Read more

How to use Google docs Bullet Points

How to use Google docs Bullet Points

Google Docs is a well-known tool widely used to create newsletters, articles, etc. It is loaded with several features that make completing tasks a lot easier. Among the numerous incredible features provided, we will be diving deeper into the ‘Bullet Points’ feature of google docs. They are an essential feature needed to format the content. … Read more