Google docs invoice template

Google Docs doesn’t have any built-in Invoice template and creating an invoice from scratch by leveraging Google Docs could be an irritating and time-consuming process. Instead of building Google Docs Invoice template from scratch, you can find some blank online available Docs invoice templates and use it in your Google Docs.

Free invoice template doc download

There are various free blank invoice templates for Google Docs available in the marketplace to download. Let’s look at some of the best Invoice templates for Google Docs.

  • Google Docs Invoice Templates — INVOICE SIMPLE
  • Docs Invoice Template — FRESHBOOKS
  • Docs Invoice Template —TRANSFERWISE

These are some of the best downloadable Invoice templates for your Google Docs available online.

Google Docs Invoice Template  — INVOICE SIMPLE

Invoice Simple is one of the free downloadable Docs invoice templates.

Just google Invoice simple and open the website.

You can find that Invoice simply has three quite general templates after a lot of research on online and offline behaviors of invoice templates.

google docs invoice template

You can easily download these Invoice templates for your Google Docs, open them and edit however you want.

You can also customize them in the online mode itself and then download these invoices templates to your Google Docs.

If you’re looking for more specific invoice templates, scroll further down on the website to download a bunch of specific invoice template types.

You can find many formats like

  • Word template
  • Excel template
  • PDF template
  • Google Drive template (Docs, Sheets)

Select a file format you like and proceed to download.

If you click on “Google Drive Template(Docs, Sheets)”, a webpage will open that allows you to create an invoice for Google Docs.

You can see a compilation of free invoice templates that are all available for both Google Sheets (spreadsheet) and Google Doc (word). 

Key features of Invoice template

  • Absolutely free invoice templates in Google Docs
  • Instantly ready to send your clients
  • The invoice template automatically calculates subtotal and grand total amounts
  • Completely customizable
  • Professional format with every essential invoice elements you need for your business
  • Invoice templates are Printable 

How to create an invoice template in Google Docs?

  • Once you customize the Invoice template, click on the download link’
  • You will be immediately taken to Google Drive. 
  • Select your Invoice Template ‘File’ from the top menu and then select ‘Make a copy’. 
  • You will now have your own editable copy pf your Invoice templates in Google Docs that you can further customize if needed.

Google Docs Invoice Templates — FRESHBOOKS

FreshBooks offers invoice templates for your Google Docs that are completely free, easy to, completely customizable, and can send in no time.

The free invoice template by FreshBooks minimizes the work you have to put on for creating an Invoice. The printable and easy-to-fill-in invoice template in Google Docs by Freshbooks ensures that you have all of the details to collect payments and manage your billing.

You can download your Invoice template in. DOC, XLS, .PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

The easy-to-use Google Doc invoice template is professional, compatible with all devices, and can be created and used anywhere, anytime.

You can save money on your business invoicing by using the free invoice template from FreshBooks. Aa you have to choose the one you want, simply download, customize and send to your clients in only a few minutes. 

Creating an invoice doesn’t have to require hours of design or working with an accountant to get it right. As a small business owner, you can make an invoice on your own for free, without the hassle.

The invoice template by Freshbooks provides a blank and customizable field, that provides you the freedom to create invoices that are perfect for your specific business. You can add a logo, embrace custom pricing, compute expenses and taxes, and thus do accounting with ease.

google docs invoice template simple

How to add an invoice template in Google Docs?

  • Download the blank “Invoice Templates for Google Docs” of Freshbooks and open the invoice template in Google Drive.
  • Click on the invoice template file. It will get open in your Google Docs account.
  • You can now name your invoice template and customize your invoice template with your company details, logo, and contact information.
  • Create your client invoice template by selecting “Make a Copy” and rename it. 
  • You can now edit the invoice template by filling in client details, services, costs, invoice date, payment due date, and payment terms and share the invoice template with your clients.

Google Docs invoice template — TRANSFERWISE

With TransferWise, you can download different free professional invoice templates in Google Docs

TransferWise offers a free invoice template with a professional edge that allows you to send your completed invoice online making transactions easy.

You can three different types of invoice templates.

They are 

  • Bill template in Docs
  • Blank invoice template in Docs
  • Sample invoice template in Docs
google docs invoice template download

Bill template in Google Docs

Bill template for Google Docs is a template that helps you to customize and fill in your desired details. This template gives your clients all the information you required, to get quick payment.

Blank invoice template in Google Docs

The blank invoice template for Docs allows you to customize your Docs invoice template like adding the logo of your organization and switching up different types of colors easily in Docs to nail your brand identity.

Sample invoice template in Google Docs

A complete sample Docs invoice template provides a better client experience, with a very professional invoice template. You can further customize the invoice template, print it, and send it online.

How to make an invoice in Google Docs?

  • Choose the invoice template and download it.
  • Open it in your Google Docs and make a copy.
  • Fill your company and contact information, date and invoice number, descriptions of billable work, and agreed on payment details.
  • Your invoice template is now ready to send to your clients.

Why Google Docs Invoice Template?

An invoice template is an invaluable tool for accounting that helps to keep a record of your sales. You can better track the date of your goods sold, money paid, and any outstanding debt with the Invoice template. There is a cluster of benefits an Invoice template can offer.

Benefits of Docs Invoice Template

Google Docs Invoices template acts as a representation of you and your company. They are uncomplicated to use, super simple to download, and straightforward to save for future use. A customizable Invoice template gives your invoice a professional layout and simple bookkeeping for tax season.


Google Docs is the best platform for creating and sending professional invoices quickly and easily. The above said free downloadable invoice template for Google Docs will help you send excellent invoices to your clients in no time.