Google docs night mode

Google docs night mode

Most of us are used to the Night Mode on every application and device. So how you can extend this trend and use it on Google Docs? This sheds light on Google Docs Night Mode.

Exploring Night / Dark Mode

Night / Dark mode as we know it is a UI design aspect of devices that changes the Background light from the traditional light colour to a darker tone. This tone ranges from grey to black depending on the device and application. The function of this is to reduce the surface area of the direct blue–white light emitted from devices. It claims to reduce glare and ease eye strain, increasing productivity.

There are a lot of word processor options available in the market the most common being Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Both have their pros and cons but the one thing they have in common is a large number of people using them day in and day out. It might be for collaborations or personal assignments; but every waking hour is spent on a word processing software.

With the ever-increasing workload which is exhausting and strenuous requires working till late evenings or even early hours in the morning. This not only drains you out mentally but also affects your physical health especially your eyes. The device emitted blue light strains your eyes increasing tiredness. Hence to combat this strain Night Mode in applications came into being.

Getting Dark mode

Google Docs like other applications doesn’t have an option to change the theme. So, changing it to Dark mode directly from Docs itself is not possible. But this does not mean you cannot enjoy the benefits of Dark mode.

There are two ways to change the theme both include adding an extension to your browser. In order to choose the extension, access themes from the settings of your Browser.

We have listed ways in which it can be done in a Google Chrome Browser.

How To Make Google Docs Dark Mode On PC

Open your browser, on the extreme right near the profile picture you fill find three vertical dots. These dots will open a drop-down menu to Setting as on of the options.

Open Browser > customization dots > Settings

Google docs night mode
Google docs night mode

The setting menu contains options to change the theme in Appearance

Settings > Appearance > Themes

Clicking themes will open a new window / tab with downloadable options for your browser.

Here you can either download an extension for the browser itself. So that you can move back and forth from dark to light theme for all the sites you visit by just enabling or disabling the extension. Or you could download a specific extension for google docs.

how to use night mode in google docs
google docs dark mode windows 10

The search results will appear on the right with a description and icon to help pick the extension required.

Once you decide which extension suits your needs best, click on the extension. This will open detailed description about it along with images. Be sure to view all the images provided in the description box. By doing this you will get a clear idea of how the extension will transfer your browser.

google docs night mode firefox

Installing Dark mode

To install the desired extension simply click on Add to Chrome and it will start downloading. After the download is complete the extension will show up as an icon on the browser. By simply clicking the icon, the extension can be controlled. Night mode or Dark mode can either be enabled or disabled by a single click.

Drak theme suite in google docs
Google docs night mode

Note: We have chosen the Dark Theme Suit as it is easy to use and shows up as an icon near your profile on the browser.

Night mode for google docs

Recently extension and plugin creators have come up with application specific night / dark mode. These can be used for specific applications instead of changing the theme of all the tabs on the browser. The process to install these extensions are the same as installing one for the browser.

Go to browser settings > Appearance > Themes

Search for application specific dark mode. In this case we will look for Google Docs Dark Mode

The Search results will be displayed on the right click the one that interests you. This will open in a new tab where description about the extension will appear along with photos. Choose the one that best first your needs.

After selection click Add to Chrome this will prompt a download. After downloading the extension will show up as an icon same as the other extension we spoke about earlier.

google docs dark mode theme
Google docs night mode

With these extensions you can enable and disable night mode in google docs.

Google Docs night mode on Android devices

Switching to night mode from a computer is a little complicated as the user is required to change the theme of the browser by adding an extension. There are app specific add ons available but again downloading and using these extensions takes time.

On phones however it is fairly simply to switch to dark mode in Google Docs.

In order to switch to dark mode on your Android device open the Google Drive app on the phone.

On the top left corner you will find three horizontal lines that look a lot like a burger. click these and select the Settings option. In themes you will find options like Dark Light and the system default. By clicking Dark the theme will automatically switch to Dark mode or night mode.

Open Drive > Horizontal lines > Settings > Choose Theme > Dark

Google Docs night mode on Apple devices (ios)

Choosing to switch to dark mode in select applications is a feature not available to all devices by apple. They roll out updates that are device specific and it might take time for the device you own to get included in an update. This being said switching to dark mode on your ios handset is fairly simple.

Go to the hamburger menu in Gmail select settings this will give you a range of options. From those choose general settings. Choose Theme and select Dark. this will set the app to Dark mode.

Gmail > Settings > General settings > Theme > Dark

To revert to the previous mode simply select Gmail > Settings > General settings > Theme > Light

Google Docs Night Mode Firefox

Follow the below steps to set the Google docs night mode in Firefox.

  1. Open the Firefox browser and click on the three bar menu –> Then click on the Add-ons option.
Google Docs Night Mode

2. Click on the Themes option from the left navigation.

Google Docs Night Mode in

3. On the right side, you can able to see the “Dark” theme. Click on the Enable button to apply the Dark theme on Firefox.

How to enable Google Docs Night Mode in Firefox

4. Open the Dark Reader in Firefox and then click on the Add To Firefox button.

Enable Google Docs Night Mode in Firefox

5. Then click on the Add button on the below Pop up.

How to setup Google Docs Night Mode in Firefox

6. Now if you will open the Google Docs, you will see something like below.

setup Google Docs Night Mode in Firefox

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed Google docs night mode, How To Make Google Docs Dark Mode On PC, Night mode for google docs, Google Docs night mode on Android devices, Google Docs night mode on Apple devices (ios), Google Docs Night Mode Firefox. Hope you have enjoyed this article !!!