How to make multiple columns in Google Docs

If you have been in search of a tool where you can easily create newsletters, brochures, etc that require multiple columns, Google Docs is the one you need to go for. Well, the entire process is easy to carry out and will hardly take much time. You can add, delete, customize the number of columns as much as you need based on the purpose you wish to fulfill. Also, to make sure the process is easier for you, we have made a guide on how to make multiple columns in Google Docs.

This particular feature is only available in the desktop version so you will have to use your laptops or computer system to get it done. If you have been using the Android or the iOS app for Google Docs, these features might not work for you.

Let us look at How to make multiple columns in Google Docs.

How to make multiple columns in Google Docs

Well, Google Docs allows you to make a maximum of three columns to your document or the content. It just takes a few simple clicks to create columns. Simply follow the steps given below and sort your document as well.

  • Open the document from Google Docs that you wish to edit.
  • Click on Format on the menu bar.
Tap on Format to open the drop down menu
  • Tap on Columns.

Click on Columns
  • Now, choose between the three different options on how many columns you would like in your document and tap on it.
How to make multiple columns in Google Docs

As soon as you tap on any of the options in the column section, your entire content will be categorized into multiple columns. If you wish to change it back to a single column, you can simply follow the steps that you did above and choose the single option.

How to add a Column Break in Google Docs

As we said, creating columns in Google Docs is not a difficult step to take. It hardly takes a few minutes once you know which options to follow. Once done, you might want to know more about how you can type in different columns without having to use the space bar or enter in order to reach the other columns. Well, this too can be done very easily with the steps given below. This feature is known as Column Break.

  • Brings the cursor onto the end of the text where you wish to type in.
  • Click on the Insert option on the menu bar.
Tap on insert to open Drop down menu
  • Tap on Break.
Tap on Break and then choose Column Break
  • Select Column Break.
How to add a Column Break in Google Docs

As soon as you click on the option, you will now end up editing the next column. This is how you can edit your entire document super easily without having to shift or remove any text in any of the columns. Moreover, the spacing remains the same as well and there will be hardly any changes whatsoever.

How to add Line between Columns In Google Docs

Yet another feature that you can try out while you are done with creating the columns in your document. Well, the Column option allows you to add a vertical line in between the columns to organize it in a much more presentable way. Such options are used especially if you are creating a brochure, magazine content, newspaper, etc.

  • Click on Format in the menu bar.
  • Tap on Columns and then select More Options.
Open 22More Options22
  • Check the box beside “Line Between Columns”.
Check the box to apply line between columns
  • Click on Apply.
How to add Line between Columns In Google Docs

As soon as you click on apply, you can visibly see the vertical lines between the columns. This helps to keep the document neat and presentable. Also, if you are not in need of those lines, you can simply go back and undo the settings and apply them to remove the lines.

How to change the Spacing between Columns In Google Docs

You can also choose to increase or decrease the space between two or three columns to make it took more tidy. This helps to even fit up more words into a specific column. Also, you can opt to create a column for only specific texts in the document. You can learn it all from the information given below as you read through and follow the steps.

  • Tap on Format and open Columns.
  • Select More Options.
  • You can now set the number of columns you wish and also set up a size for spacing between the columns.
  • Click on Apply.
How to change the Spacing between Columns In Google Docs

You can simply repeat the method unless you get the right number for the spacing that looks visually appealing to you or at least presentable. Also, you can always go back to the default size that had been set from before to undo the changes made eventually.

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Here is pretty much all you need to know on how to make multiple columns in Google Docs. If at all you are thinking why we need columns in the first place is because the newspapers, magazines, brochures, and a lot of other such formats require a presentable way of putting up content that is much easier to read. 

Also, once the columns are up you can fit in more content on each page. It is not at all difficult to create the columns. All the steps mentioned are tried and tested. Simply follow the steps for each of them. Everything has been mentioned based on the current scenario.

Apart from this, once you are done with all your work, you can save the document either to your system or turn on the auto-sync already which will save all the doc directly to the Drive. 

Moving on, you do not need to format all the content on the doc, instead select a small section that needs formatting and make the changes that are needed. Furthermore, if you are still facing any more issues or have queries related to creating columns or simply anything related to Google Docs, you can let us know in the comment section below.