How to make a timeline on Google docs

You might have come across excellent graphics on sites that depict their company’s timeline and their journey via Infographics. If you are wondering about making something similar for your business or product, it will be highly beneficial for not just you but everyone looking to know more about your brand. So, we have created a detailed guide on how to make a timeline on Google Docs.

Whether you are a student or any business person, this might be the best and free tool for you in the long run. It becomes very difficult to keep learning all important dates without having a systematic idea. Through these timelines, you can create a visual representation of the dates and make it much easier to learn. With the help of an online platform such as Google Docs, you can create a visually appealing and highly interactive timeline chart.

Here are the steps you can follow and learn more about how to make a timeline on Google Docs.

How to Make a Timeline on Google Docs

Since we now have understood the basic idea behind the Timeline chart and the need for it in multiple instances. Here is a complete guide for making a Timeline on Google Docs. Make sure you follow all the steps in order to make the most out of this tool.

1. Create a New Document on Google Docs

We will be taking a very basic step, to begin with, by simply creating a new document on Google Docs. Click on Blank and name your document.

creating a timeline in Google Docs

If you are new to this particular platform, all your data is saved directly on Google Drive so you do not have to worry about any data loss. Simply keep editing and the autosave feature will work likewise.

2. Change the Page’s Orientation

In order to make a timeline chart, you need to have a much wider space. Once you have created a blank document, the default orientation is set to Portrait mode. You might need to change the page’s orientation and get as wide a space as possible.

  • Click on the File menu on the menu bar.
  • Select the Page Setup option.
Create a timeline in Google Docs
  • select the Landscape mode and then click OK.
how to create a timeline in google docs

As soon as you tap on OK to apply the settings, the blank page will now be in Landscape mode and you can start making changes to it.

3. Use the Drawing Tool

Once we are ready with the blank page, we can now begin making the Timeline with a drawing tool provided by Google Docs itself. Here are the steps you can follow.

  • Click on the Insert menu.
  • Now, tap on the Drawing option and click on the +New button.
Making a timeline in google docs

A drawing tool sheet or canvas will open on the screen where you will be making your chart. If you have never used it before, we have mentioned all the necessary pointers you can use to create an amazing timeline all by yourself.

timeline in google docs

4. Start Drawing the Timeline

To get started, you can follow the steps we have mentioned here.

  • Tap on the Line icon on the menu bar of the Drawing Canvas.
  • Now, select Arrow from the drop-down list.
create timeline in google docs
  • On the screen, hold and drag the cursor to make a straight horizontal line.
  • To make both ends with arrows, tap on the Line Start icon on the menu bar.
  • Select the arrow symbol and both ends will now have an arrow.
how to create timeline in google docs

You can even change the thickness of the line and make it larger. Simply click on Line Weight in the menu and choose whichever suits you.

5. Add Events and Tasks

Here is the step where we will add up the data that will determine the timeline you need to show. Make sure to create a small write-up of the data you need to put in and simply work accordingly.

how to put a timeline in google docs
  • Tap on the Text Box icon on the menu bar.
  • Create a small box on the screen using the cursor.
  • You can resize the box using the corners.
  • Change the Font, Font Size, and color to the text.
  • Likewise, copy and paste the text and make changes to your entire chart.
  • Rearrange the texts as per the timeline.
  • Select the Line tool from the menu bar and tap on Line.
  • Create vertical lines to their respective timelines data with their dates.

6. Add Images or Shapes

If you have certain images that you wish to add to your Timeline chart for an excellent visual presentation, use the tool above and do so. For this, you simply need to select the icon on the menu bar and choose the images from your system. 

Similarly, there is an icon to add shapes as well for multiple reasons. This too has a similar process, you simply need to choose the icon and get on with it.

7. Save the Project

Once you are done with everything and have made the necessary changes to your chart, you can now shift over to saving the Timeline. It is an important process since your work might not be saved unless you tap on Save and Close on the top-right corner. 

how to make timeline in google docs

If you are dissatisfied with the timeline, you can always make changes to it by simply clicking on it and then tapping on Edit.

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Well, here is everything you need to know on how to make a timeline on Google Docs. You can simply follow the process above since there is not’ much to do and this is the best way to make a timeline in Google Docs. Also, you can save the file and use it as a template so that you do not need to draw the entire timeline again. If you are new to this, there is nothing complex in this guide and you can easily follow it.

Moreover, as we said, there are options to even add images to make it more interesting and visually good for other people to understand better. Other than that, you can also change the color of the text and the fonts too.

Furthermore, the toolbar has multiple options to add different shapes, arrows, and equations to the timeline graph to make it more creative. If you are stuck on anything, do let us know in the comment so that we can get back to you.