Markdown in Google Docs

Markdown in Google Docs

Markdown in Google Docs? Most of you are probably wondering why Markdown is becoming so popular among writers and other professionals. Let me explain why. Markdown is gaining popularity among authors, developers, and content creators because of its adaptability. It’s an accessible markup language generally used for formatting plain text and generating various outputs. It means you don’t need to spend much money on pricey tools to create and distribute multiple contents. Doesn’t it sound intriguing? So, without further ado, let’s start creating a markdown in Google Docs.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to include a markdown in Google Docs

Step 1: Open a Google Docs

Google Docs may be accessed using your Gmail account or navigating to

use markdown in google docs

Step 2: Open a new document

Select the “Blank Document” from the “Start a New Document” menu.

what is markdown in google docs

Step 3: Now, start adding relevant content to your document.

Step 4: It’s now time to put Markdown to work on your document. However, there is no distinct markdown function in Google Docs. To use the markdown functionality in Google Docs, you must first install the “Docs to markdown” add-on.

Step 5: To install the “Docs to markdown” add-on, go to “Add-ons” and select “Get add-ons.”

google docs markdown plugin

Step 6: Once the “Get add-ons” option is selected, the Google workspace marketplace dialog box will appear on the screen.

Step 7: In the search box, type “Docs to markdown” and then select the search option. You’ll see the search results for Docs to Markdown on the screen.

write markdown in google docs

Step 8: Now select the “Docs to markdown” add-ons to install in your Google doc.

Docs to markdown

Step 9: The application’s terms of service and privacy policy popup will show on the screen whenever an install button is pressed. Make sure you’ve read all of the application’s terms and privacy information before clicking “Continue.”

Google Docs to markdown

Step 10: Once the “continue” button is clicked, you’ll be redirected to choose a google account.

Step 11: Congratulations, you have now successfully installed the “Docs to markdown” application to your Google Docs.

markdown preview google docs

Step 11: Now it’s time to convert your google docs to Markdown. For that, go to “Add-ons,” select “Docs to markdown,” and click “Convert.”

Google Docs to markdown converter

Step 12: Once the Convert option is selected the “Docs to markdown” dialog box will appear on the right side of the screen.

Step 13: Now select the checkboxes such as demote headings, use HTML headings options, and click the “markdown” option.

Step 14: Lastly, Copy the converted text displayed and paste it to the desired destination in your document.

And it’s the easiest way to add or collaborate with Markdown in your google docs.

Let’s take a look at why experts love Markdown

The popularity of Markdown can be attributed to a variety of factors. Let’s have a look at why this is so:

It’s a favorite among writers.

Writers and publishers understand the importance of “flow” and how writing without distractions may aid in quickly putting thoughts into words.

Picking up the mouse, choosing the text, hovering the mouse over the bold symbol, and returning to the keyboard produce a disconnected experience that disrupts the creative flow. Minor distractions like this might delay your work when you’re “in the zone.”

By removing the formatting toolbar and the mouse clicks, Markdown allows you to focus on your work without taking off your fingers on the keyboard.

Distracts are kept at bay.

One of the most popular arguments for utilizing Markdown is its ability to keep distractions at bay.

You may argue that using the “bold” button is more manageable than typing a string of special letters, and you’d be correct. However, Markdown may not appear to be as beneficial as it claims to be to the typical user.

When you get a hold of it, though, the true magic happens. Writing becomes faster and easier once you’ve reached beyond the slight learning curve. You may never want to see another toolbar again.

Codes Must Be Obsolete

To return to its roots, Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool. It’s an excellent way for non-programmers and technical writers to produce content without using HTML or time-consuming WYSIWYG or text editors.


Because Markdown is just plain text, it may be exported to various programs and converted to multiple formats, including PDF, epub, Docx, HTML, and others.

There’s no need to be concerned with formatting. Instead, begin writing and then export your paper when you’re through.

It is simple to read and write

Markdown text is the simplest method to create rich format documents without touching any code or toolbars. Anyone can comprehend and master the syntax since it is so easy.

Where Can You Use Markdown?

Markdown has a wide range of applications. Markdown is supported by the majority of locations that require text formatting. Here are some examples of things you can accomplish using Markdown:


When you send out so many emails in a day, you must have experienced the difficulties of working with shoddy email client editors.

Markdown can be useful in these situations if your email client supports it. Markdown may save you a lot of time and work when it comes to formatting, and it can make using the text editor in your email client a joy.

You can use Markdown to write your email and then export it to your email client. You may also make use of browser plugins such as Markdown.

To-do lists

If you want a specific tool for writing to-dos (or anything else) that supports Markdown, creating a to-do list using Markdown makes the experience fast and straightforward, avoiding those bothersome distractions.


Because it essentially entails writing much text, Markdown has garnered popularity in the forum sector. Users like GitHub and Reddit are encouraged to use markdowns to write and style comments. It allows you to keep text formatting consistent without using text editors.


Markdown is an excellent method to organize your notes, diary entries, or odd ideas. However, allowing a sloppy text editor to get in the way of your important notes and creative ideas is a bad idea. Therefore, a wide range of note-taking applications supports Markdown.

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After a few hours of using Markdown, it will feel like second nature to you, and you will soon forget the sound of a mouse click! It’s difficult to argue with so many advantages. One of the most acceptable methods to format text is with Markdown. So, what do you have to lose? Learning and bragging about Markdown is a simple yet valuable skill to have. Do you use them, or do you want to learn to use Markdown? Leave a comment!