How to open a PDF in Google Docs

How to open a PDF in Google Docs

Are you wondering how to open a PDF in Google Docs?. No worries, you are landed at the perfect place where you will learn the simple steps for opening a PDF file with Google Docs.

  • To open a PDF in Google Docs, Navigate to Google Drive –> Right click on the PDF File –> Select Open With –> Choose the Google Docs option.
  • To Convert PDF to Google Docs, Click on File menu –> Select Open –> Select Upload tab –> Drag a PDF file to upload –> Click Open –> Now Choose Google Docs from the Open with dropdown.

How to open a PDF in Google Docs

Follow the below quick steps to open a PDF from Google Docs itself.

  1. Navigate to and click on the + (Blank) icon.
  2. Click on the File menu –> choose the Open option.
How to Open PDF with Google Docs

3. Select the Upload Tab –> Click on the “Select a file from your device” button or, even you can drag a PDF file there –> Browse the PDF file from your PC –> click Open button –> Click on the Open button.

How to open a PDF file in Google Docs

4. Choose the Google Docs option from the Open with dropdown menu.

how to open a pdf file from google docs

This is also the easiest way to convert a PDF to Google Docs.

How to open a PDF in Google Docs to edit from Google Drive

It is also possible to open a PDF file in Google Docs from Google Drive or convert a PDF file into Google Docs by following the below instructions.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Right-click on the PDF file –Select Open with –> Choose Google Docs option
How to Convert PDF Files into Google Docs

3. Now, on the next tab the PDF file opens in Google Docs.

how to edit a pdf in google docs

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Final Words

Well, we learned the easiest ways to open PDF in Google Docs and how easily we can convert PDF file to Google Docs.