How to send Google doc as an attachment in Email

There are various options available to share Google Docs. It can be done by either sending someone a link which they can access, or you could email the Google Doc. while you collaborate with people, it may so happen sometimes that the document you need to send is required in a Word, PDF or another format. In such cases, you could use the option email as an attachment. But how do you send google doc as an attachment in email?

Also, we will see how to send a google doc to someone without gmail? and how to send Google doc as email body?

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Send Google doc as an attachment in Email

To locate the option, you need to open the File menu in your Google Doc and select Email as an attachment.

how to attach a google doc to an email

This will take you to a page that resembles an outward email composer. 

Choosing the File format

To send the google doc as an attachment, the file type or format needs to be chosen. The drop-down menu has options to change the Format of the file.

how to attach a google doc to an email

You can send the Google doc as an attachment in formats like PDF, Microsoft Word, Rich Text, HTML, Plain text, open document. You could use one of these options or paste the contents of the Google Doc in the email using the Paste the item itself into the email. 

After you change the format the file gets attached to the email. 

Adding Recipients and email message

It is now time to add the recipients. In the box titled To Type in the email ids of people, you want to send the Google Doc to. 

You can add a subject and a message to those receiving the google doc. 

send Google doc as an attachment in Email

There is an option at the bottom which allows you to send the document to yourself. 

After you finish choosing the format, adding recipients and adding the subject and message, click Send at the bottom of the page. 

How to send a google doc to someone without gmail ?

A google Doc can be emailed as an attachment even if the person you need to send the document to doesn’t have a Gmail account.

The sending process remains the same File > email as an attachment then

Simply add their email ID in the Recipient section and select Send  

How to send Google doc as email body?

Documents as a mail attachment can be sent in specific formats like PDF or Word. In some cases the text from the Google Doc can be pasted directly in the body of the email. This can be done by using the Paste the item itself into the email. This option is available in the same drop-down menu as the other formats.

How to send Google doc as email body

This option is fairly convenient, when the person you are sending the document to is not able download the attachment. Or the person wants to have the content in the mail itself and not as an attachment.

Sending Google Docs as an attachment from a phone

The method stated in the previous section is convenient when using a laptop or desktop. There are times when we need to send emails from the phones. This is something most of us are used to on a daily basis. We reply to emails almost instantly using our smart phone.

On phones may it be Android or iOS we have apps for almost all Google Applications. in Android phones most of them come pre installed with the phone. But if for some reason your phone does not have them, they can be downloaded from Google playstore. Whereas iOS users would have to download it from the Apple Store.

As discussed earlier Google Docs are stored in Google Drive which is a cloud based storage by google. So in order to attach a Google docs file you need to have these applications on your phone. The attachment process on phones is fairly straight forward.

Open the Gmail app to check and compose emails. If the attachment is part of a reply select the mail you need to reply and select Reply. The Reply button can be found near the email id of the sender. It looks like leftward tilting arrow. Clicking this arrow will open a section in which the email content can be composed.

Open Gmail >Select mail to be replied > Left facing arrow to reply

Alternatively if its not a mail you want to reply and a new mail to be composed. This can be done by clicking the colourful cross at the bottom of the page once the Gmail app is opened.

Open Gmail > Compose mail

Inserting the Google Doc

The mail composition box has a button in the shape of a paper pin on the top right. this is located next to the send and other settings located in the vertical dots section.

The Attach option has two options Attach File and Insert from Drive
Select Insert from Drive, this is open the Google drive application on your phone. In this folder you will find all the files on your Googe drive.

Select the Google Docs file that you need to attach. Once selected the file will show up as an attachment in the mail.

Attach > Insert from Drive > Select the Google Docs File

After the mail is composed and file attached hit Send.

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By following the steps mentioned above, you to send google Docs as an attachment in an email. The people you are emailing the Doc to will receive it as a downloadable attachment in the file format you have chosen.

We also check how to send a google doc to someone without gmail? and how to send Google doc as email body?