Google Docs blank page won’t delete

Google Docs blank page won't delete

If you are facing any issues and you are not able to delete any blank pages in Google Docs then in that case, this article can help you. Keep reading this article to find out a solution.

Google Docs blank page won’t delete

Here are a few possible solutions you can try out:

  1. Try Deleting the page manually:
    • Click at the very end of the Google Docs document where you’d see the blank page and then hit the backspace until it is removed
  2. Remove the page break or section break:
    • The blank page may contain a section break or a page break. Try placing your cursor at the end of your document, then press ‘Backspace’ to delete any extra page breaks, or try deleting the section break and then re-try deleting the blank page.
    • Note: If the Google Docs were converted from a Microsoft Word Document, the section breaks or page breaks will show up as blank pages. There is no way of deleting them from Docs unless you copy the entire document on a Word Document and delete the breaks.
  3. Check for blank tables:
    • Sometimes a blank page can occur due to a blank table that’s been inserted. If there is a blank table at the end of your document, you can see your mouse cursor as a four-sided arrow when you hover over the bottom-left corner of the table. If this happens, click when the cursor changes to select the table and then press ‘Delete’ to remove it.
    • Sometimes there will be invisible tables in your blank document, to see the table, just right-click on the document and select the table properties –> then the table borders and set the border width as 1.5 pt and the border color as black. Now once you found the table delete it first and then try deleting the blank page.
why can't i delete a blank page in google docs
can't delete page in google docs

If none of these methods work, you might be facing a more specific issue. In that case, I’d recommend contacting the Google Docs support team.