How to create a Google Docs questionnaire- Step-by-Step

The easiest and the simplest location to create a questionnaire form is Google Docs. Well, if you have any purpose that requires you to gather information or collect data in a large number for free or simply a survey, you can use the Google Docs questionnaire template to create one by yourself.

There is no doubt that Google Docs is the most useful tool to create documents for free anywhere on the web. If you do not have Microsoft Office applications on your system, these web online tools are the safest and the most popular ones to go for. You can easily share the forms, edit, collaborate, etc with just a few simple clicks. By adding a few multiple-choice questions, you can create an interactive form within minutes.

Here is how you can create a Google Docs questionnaire.

How to create a Google Docs questionnaire

The below guide mentions every piece of info and methods that will lead you to create a questionnaire in Google Docs. Simply follow these and make one for yourself too. You can either choose to start fresh or choose a template and edit accordingly.

Method 1: Starting from Scratch

This method is solely for those who wish to create a Google Docs questionnaire from scratch. It might be a little too detailed, but if you have less time or wish to get things done faster, you can choose multiple templates and simply edit the questions.

Step 1: Open Google Forms

Open Google Form

To start with, simply click on the link here to open the Google Forms. Now, Click on the Blank option to create a questionnaire.

Step 2: Add Name and Description

Add Name and Description

Firstly, add a Name to your survey or questionnaire. If you have a description of the form or any instructions for the users. Simply add them to the Form Description space.

Step 3: Create a Question

Create a Question on Google Docs Questionnaire

Next, click on Untitled Question and add your desired questions you wish to ask people filling the form.

To now give your question a type, click on Multiple Choice. Choose from among the different options from the drop-down menu on how the questions must look like. Here are the options as listed below.

Edit the Questions
  • Short Answer and Paragraph: Provides a small or large black space to fill in the answer to the question.
  • Multiple Choice: Here you add multiple choices to questions such as Gender, City, Occupation, etc.
  • Checkboxes: These also act as a part of multiple choices but a user can check multiple options for the question.
  • Dropdown: It allows the user to select an option for the question from the dropdown menu. Such as Country names.
  • File Upload: A new feature added to Google Docs where users can now upload docs such as their resume up to 1 GB file size.
  • Linear Scale: Selecting a range.
  • Date and Time: To select date and time. Such as Birthday or for scheduling a meeting.

Step 4: Choose Side Menu Options

google docs questionnaire tutorial Choose Side Menu Options

There are special side menu options that will help you to format your questionnaire further. The number of options is as follows.

  • Add Questions: You can add another question and format it as needed.
  • Import Question: Here you can import another form and add the same questions for the current questionnaire.
  • Add Title and Description: Lets you add the title and description of that section.
  • Add Image and Add Video: These buttons allow you to insert an image or video from any location using URL, YouTube, etc directly to your form for better understanding.
  • Add Sections: You can have multiple parts of your questionnaire for assessment.

Step 5: Mandatory Question

Mandatory Question

Well, there might be multiple questions that you might need an answer for, and make it mandatory for every user. For this, you need to click on the Required switch to mark it as compulsory. This will alert any user to not submit the form without answering the specified question.

Step 6: Customize Theme

Google Docs Questionnaire- Customize Theme

Every Google Form allows you to make your form a lot more attractive and interactive. For this, simply click on the color palette icon on the top-right corner of the form.

google docs questionnaire tutorial
  • Add Header Image
  • Select Theme Color
  • Add Background Color
  • Choose Font Style

Step 7: Preview

google docs questionnaire form

When you are done with creating a perfect questionnaire in Google Docs, you can now choose to preview the entire survey before making it public or sending it to the concerned users. Well, simply click on the eye icon on the top-right corner for preview.

Step 8: Settings

google docs questionnaire tutorial

Next, you can format the form with multiple settings. Such as in General Settings, you can choose to collect Email addresses, Limit responses, or ask respondents to edit the form after submitting and “See summary charts and text responses”.

create a Google Docs questionnaire

Step 9: Choose Recipients

Under the Send bar, you can choose to send the form in multiple ways.

  • Via direct Email: You can add the name of the recipient, add the subject, and a short message to send the form directly to the concerned people.
create a Google Docs questionnaire
  • URL: Here you can simply copy the URL of the form or even shorten it. After this, use it anywhere you wish to simply copy and paste.
How to create a Google Docs questionnaire
  • Embed HTML: Also, you can now embed the HTML tag as given to your site to add the form.
making a google docs questionnaire

Moreover, there is an option where you can add collaborators to view, edit, or simply comment on the form.

Method 2: Google Docs questionnaire using a Template

Another very simple option you can try is by simply using a template and editing it as per your choice. If you have made a form before, this could be a lot easier for you and will only take minutes.

Step 1: Select Template

Open and select a template for your form that best suits your niche and purpose. There are multiple categories to choose from such as Personal, Work, and Education.

Step 2: Editing the Template

making a google docs questionnaire

Now, you can simply get to editing each part of the form. Simply edit the name and the description based on what is the form of it.

Next, you can let the very common questions be as it is such as Name, Email, etc, and head over to the multiple-choice questions.

All you need to do now is add your own questions and follow the steps we have mentioned in the above guide as listed. From adding questions to formatting the questionnaire, you can do it all.

How do I create a multiple-choice test in Google Docs?

Well, just like we have described here about using the Google Form to create a questionnaire, you can also use the same format to create a multiple-choice test or simply a Quiz Follow the steps below.

create a multiple-choice test in Google Docs
create a multiple-choice test in Google Docs
  • Open Google Forms, select a Blank template.
  • On the top-right corner, click on Settings.
  • Tap on Quizzes.
  • Enable the switch that says “Make this a quiz”.
  • Click on Save.

How to Manage Response on Google Forms?

Once you are done creating a Google Doc questionnaire, you can now simply start sending the forms across multiple platforms. After you have got enough responses as you need, the main concern arrives on how to manage the response.

Well, here are certain aspects that you can check out on how to format or manage the response on your questionnaire.

1. View Responses

Manage Response on Google Forms
Manage Response on Google Forms

Well, there are three ways you can choose to view the responses in your form.

  • Summary
  • Question
  • Individual

You can simply select any of these by clicking on the response option in your form.

2. View all responses in a spreadsheet

For this, follow the steps below.

google docs questionnaire tutorial
  • Open your form on Google Forms.
  • Click on Responses.
  • Now, on the top-right corner, click on the Spreadsheet icon.
  • Select Create Spreadsheet. Click on Create.

A new spreadsheet linked to the Google Form will be created with proper tables based on the questions on their responses by every individual for your assessment. You can also select the response in a .csv file format from the three-dot drop-down menu.

3. Stop Collecting Responses

Once you are done with collecting responses as much as you need, you can choose to disable the form or stop collecting the responses. Here is how.

google docs questionnaire tutorial
  • Open Google Form.
  • Click on Responses.
  • Switch off the toggle beside Accepting responses.

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Here is everything you need to know about how to create a Google Docs questionnaire. From creating to formatting each and every section, you can find all the steps clearly mentioned for your convenience. If you have not created any such form before, this guide will come in handy. Moreover, you can try out multiple options too to view your responses using so many options as mentioned above.

You can easily find so many templates on the site and use it for your own benefit. Such templates are a time-saver and do the job pretty well for those who might have not used the tool before. All the data created is automatically saved to your drive if you sign-in with your Gmail account. Furthermore, if you are stuck with anything else you may need help with, do let us know in the comment section below.