What is Google Docs and How to use Google Docs

When you sign in to Gmail on the right side you might have noticed a few app options with google docs or Docs as one of them, Or a colleague might have suggested you use an online tool to speed up the project. But what is google docs and how do you use it?

This blog will help you understand what it is and how to use Google Docs to better collaborate.

What is Google Docs

Whatever our field of work or study, there is always a need to write, edit and send documents. Google Docs is an online word processor that helps you do exactly the same. Along with creating a document you can also save them. But Instead of saving these files and documents on your computer, it saves them on the cloud, making them easily available from any device at any time.

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What is it used for?

We are all familiar with and have used Microsoft Word and other programs used to write articles, assignments, presentation scripts, etc. Most of the time these word documents are sent to others through email. If there are edits the person you send the document to will make the desired changes and send them back to you.

Over a period of time you as well as the person editing your document, have a pile of copies of the same document. Increasing confusion as to which document is the latest one. It makes this process simple.

The purpose of Google Docs is that, you can create share, and collaborate on documents online. You also don’t need to worry about losing the latest edited document you can simply make and save edits online.

How to open Docs?

In order to use google documents, you need to have a google account. If you don’t have one you can click here to create a google account.

After you have an active google account you could access Docs from the apps section

Simply log in to your account.  On the right next to your profile picture, you will find an extension for apps. Click on the extension to open a drop-down menu. A shortcut to Docs is located here

What is Google Docs

Another way to open Google Docs is by searching for it in your browser search bar

How to open Docs?

You either search for Google docs and click on the link or directly navigate to Google Docs to reach the Google Docs home page.

How do I use Google Docs?

Using Docs is fairly simple.

Once you are on the home page, you have various templates to choose from.

You either choose from those templates or click on Blank to create google docs.

How do I use Google Docs

Selecting the Blank option will open a blank page for you to work on

how to create google docs

The document resembles a word page and hence it is easy to work on it.

Like the word, there are a lot of formatting options available. You could use these to change the font style or size. There is also an option for paragraph formatting. The Bold Italics and Underline options will make your headings and captions stand out. Not to forget the redo and undo to go back and forth while editing.

Apart from the editing tools, you can print files directly from Docs. This makes it simpler to maintain hard copies of Documents.

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How does Docs work ?

Just like a word document you can type, edit, and save documents on Docs. The only difference between a normal document and a Doc is that with Google Docs it will get saved on the cloud instead of your computer. This makes it easier to retrieve the document on the go. All you have to do is log in to your Google account and you have your file ready to be edited or printed.

There is also an option to share documents using Docs this makes it easier for you to collaborate with others as you can see the changes that are made. There are also options to comment and have live chats while collaborating. For more information on how to use Google docs for collaborations, you can check out our blogs.