Google docs without Gmail or Google account

Want to use Google Docs? Let us try to find out how to use Google docs without Gmail or Google account. Luckily, Google Docs is not just limited to Google users. Let’s explore how one can achieve this briefly in this article. 

How to access Google Docs with just a Google account and not using Gmail?

Well, let’s discuss How to access Google docs with just a Google account and not using Gmail?

How Do I Access Google Docs Without A Gmail Account

Access Google Docs with your Google Account. Let’s create a Google account if you don’t have it as of now.

  • Creating Google account

Mailing clients can be different for different users. Users with Mac operating systems might use their own email client.

Similarly, Linux users might love to use their own email clients. Additionally, businesses might adapt to different professional mailing clients to better support their support systems. Thus, in such cases, instead of demanding users create a new Gmail account just to use Google Docs, Google allows one to access it with just a new Google account.

One can easily create a Google account with whatever email you are using. When you want to set up a Google account, you simply navigate to the new account page and then enter your existing email address, password, and other personal information.

This allows you to access any of the products that Google offers for free, such as Docs, Adsense, and Webmaster Tools.

  • Accessing Google Docs

Google Docs provides you with various levels of accessibility settings. After creating a document on Google Docs, you have the authority to let other people access it.

When you go to the “Share This Document” section of Google Docs, it gives you the option of entering the recipient’s email addresses to whom you are up to share.

Once you submit the email addresses, it sends an email to that person. Once the particular user clicks on the link in the email, the user is taken to a login screen. As said above, ensure you have a Google account to gain access to the document.

  • Granting instant access

This type of basic account setup could allow users to get access to the docs instantly without any further configuration.

In such a case, anything that is being shared in the document is visible to that person. When the new user makes a change to the document, it will show up on your screen while viewing the document.

This allows one to work on a document at the same time as another person without duplicating any work. This is How do I access google docs without a Gmail account.

How to access Google docs by publishing to the web?

When you share a link to a Google Doc with someone, it is very likely in editing mode. The viewer will see the WYSIWYG toolbar, the margins, and other things that give the impression that you are looking at a particular document. This includes all of the Google documents: text, spreadsheet, presentation, and drawing.

However, it’s super simple to publish those documents as web pages so that you prevent users from editing them. Thus you simply give the Web address to others who you want to see it. When you do this, the other users will not be able to edit the document.

This option basically creates a website for your readers to check out your documents. This does not require access to Gmail or even a Google account to see it.

Steps to publish Google Docs to the web:

1. Open Google Docs on your browser

2. Under the File menu, choose “Publish to the web.”

access Google docs by publishing to web

3. Make sure to activate “Start publishing.”

4. A new confirmation dialog will be displayed. And for good measure, you will need to confirm your choice.

Google docs without Gmail

Note: The document’s viewing options will NOT be overridden. If the document is private, then the published link will NOT be viewable by those who were not shared on the document.

Document link viewing:

The Document link can be shared with users so they can view the page as if it were a webpage and not a document.

Google docs without Gmail or google account

Embed link:

In order to embed your doc with any other external sites like Shopify, WordPress, or any builders you can use the embed link available. 

Google docs without google account

Emailing file to the user as an attachment

The other super simple trick would be sharing documents via Gmail client. 

1. Open Google docs on your browser

2. Choose File -> Email -> Email as attachment

How to use Google docs without google account

3. A new dialog box will be opened. There you choose a file format and type in the recipient’s email address. Your file will be sent via email as an attachment in the format you choose. 

You can choose to send the file as HTML, PDF, Rich Text, or Microsoft Word.


The main advantage of this method is that it’s fast and easy to get your content to the people who need to see it.


The downside of this method is that it creates two distinct versions of your document and prevents you from collaborating with the recipient online.

PIN way:

Google lately announced the PIN way to use documents without Google accounts. The said email would contain a link to the shared document. Non-Google users will be able to access the link and request a PIN that it would be delivered via a second email. Once they enter the PIN code, users can then view or edit the shared file -based on the assigned permissions.

The beauty is that file owners will be able to view a detailed activity log for each file and PIN and revoke a PIN’s access at any time they wish or see irregular activity. But this is in the beta program and is currently closed for some reason and seems no longer active. 

How To Use Google Sheets Without Gmail?

Google lets you achieve the same with any document. Google Sheets are something you will end up using most of the time. Since we are entirely reliant on data for decisions. Thus, businesses see this as a worthy entity, 

  • The recipient will click the link inside his email, follow the said link to the Google Sheet, and attempt to log in with a personal Gmail account.
  • Upon clicking the Request Access button, the sender then receives an email of their own requesting access to the recipient’s personal Gmail account.

But what if the user doesn’t own a Gmail account? In such a case, you’ll need to use one of two solutions:

  • You can create a separate Google account and attach an alternate email address (or) 
  • Create a new Google account like the one we would follow for Google Docs and Slides.

Can I Share A Google Doc With Someone Who Doesn’t Have A Google Account

Yes, you can share a Google Doc with someone who doesn’t have a Google account. You can follow the below steps to share a google doc with people who don’t have a Google account.

  1. Login to
  2. Select the file you want to share with and then click on the share option.
  3. Now, you can able to see the “Share with people and groups” option, enter the non-Gmail address.
  4. You can select the ViewerCommenter, or Editor from the dropdown which is present next to the email address.
  5. You can select the checkbox to notify people and this is optional.
  6. Finally, click on the Send button as highlighted below.
Can I Share A Google Doc With Someone Who Doesnt Have A Google Account 1

Can You Share A Google Drive Folder With A Non Google User?

Yes, you can able to share a Google Drive folder with a non google user using the below steps.

  1. Login to the
  2. Select the file that you want to share and then right-click on the file and click on the Share option.
  3. Now, click on the Get link option.
  4. The next step is to select Anyone with the link option.
  5. You can also choose the ViewerCommenter, or Editor from the dropdown.
  6. Click on the copy link button to copy that link and share with the user with whom you want to share by email. That user needs to click on the received link to access the file.
Can You Share A Google Drive Folder With A Non Google User

Create Google Account Without Gmail

Yes, you can create a Google Account without Gmail. Rather, you need to use the other email address that you are using currently.

Create Google Drive Account Without Gmail

Once, you will create a Google Account without your Gmail by following the below steps, With that account, you can able to access all the Google apps including Google Drive. Let’s follow the below steps to create a Google account without Gmail address.

  1. Navigate to the Google Account Sign-in Page.
  2. The next step is to click on the Create Account button.
  3. Provide the First name and Last name and then click on the Use my current email address instead link.
Create Google Account Without Gmail

4. Now, you can provide the other email address that you are using currently and then provide the Password and Confirm password, then click on the Next button.

How to Create Google Account Without Gmail

5. The next step is to verify the Email address that you have provided above. Enter the code that you have got in the email that you have provided above, then click on the Verify button as shown below. Congratulation You are done !!!

How to Create a Google Account Without Gmail

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Hope we’ve covered most of the interesting document tricks and thus now you will be super-efficient in dealing with documents. No additional accounts, no additional worries maintaining software, compatibility, and so on. Try these simple hacks and you’ll be surprised.