How to draw lines in Google Docs

The Drawing function in Google Docs is the simplest method to sketch. This feature’s powers are fairly restricted, but it’s enough for fast shapes, word art, and simple diagrams.

Note: Neither Google Docs’ Sketching tool nor Google Drawing allows freehand drawing with a stylus or pen. Only a few fundamental sorts of drawings are available, all of which may be handled with a mouse.

How to draw lines in Google Docs

Follow the simple steps below.

1. Google Docs allows you to create new documents or open existing ones. Then, place your cursor where you want the drawing to appear in the document.

2. Select Insert > Drawing

3. Select + New

how do you draw various lines in Google Docs?

4. The Drawing window will appear on the screen. Using the Actions menu, you can select which drawing you would like to create. A line is an example of a choice you could make from this menu.

how do you draw lines in google docs

5. Once the line option is selected, you are allowed to draw the line, or in addition, you can utilize the other options like: “Arrow,” “Elbow Connector,” “Curved connector,” “Curve,” “Polyline,” and “Scribble.”

how do you draw various lines Google Docs?

6. By selecting the “Save and close” option after you add the lines and shapes, the drawing dialog box will allow you to save and close it.

Note: Adding graphics from within Google Docs has several limitations. The most obvious is the Drawing function’s bounded capabilities. You may use Google Drawings to sketch your Google Doc to circumvent this.

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Voila!!! It is that easy to draw lines in Google Docs using the above information mentioned in this article.