How to email a Google Doc as a PDF

How to email a Google Doc as a PDF

Sometimes, composing emails and sending Google Docs as an email body may affect the formats and alignment of words. To preserve the format and style of the Google Docs document, you can compose the email and email it as a PDF.

How to email a Google Doc as a PDF

To email, a Google Doc as a PDF, follow the below steps. 

Step 1: Compose the email in Google Docs.

Step 2: Navigate to the top menu bar and click File > Email > Email this file. See the below screenshot for your reference.

Note: “Email this file” is the recommended option if you want to share the document with external contacts, without giving them permission to edit the content”

Email a Google Doc as a PDF

Step 3: In the window that opens, fill the details such as Recipient, Subject, and Message (Body).

Step 4: By default, the PFR format is enabled. Google Docs will convert the document automatically before sending the attachment. If it’s not enabled, just click PDF, and your file will be converted to PDF format. See the below screenshot.

How to email a Google Doc as a PDF?

Step 5: Click ‘Send’.

This method will attach a PDF file to the email that the recipient can download to their device.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed how to email a Google Doc as a PDF. Thanks for reading this article !!!