Google Docs Special Characters List

Special characters Google Docs

Special characters are increasingly used in Google Docs for several different purposes, like writing, coding, and mathematical operations. Google Docs has many built-in symbols, emojis, and punctuations that help you insert special characters into Google Docs easily.

Even though Google Docs has a library of special characters, inserting these special characters could be tedious. That’s why, in this article, I’ve covered what are all the available special characters listed in Google Docs.

Special characters in Google Docs have symbols and arrows.

  • Symbols include special symbols emojis, punctuation, numbers, Format & Whitespace, modifier, Latin, other European scripts, American scrips, African scrips, Middle Eastern scripts, southeast Asian scripts, Hangul, Other east Asian scrips, Han-1 stroke radicals, Han-2 stroke radicals, Han-3 stroke radicals, Han-4 stroke radicals, Han-5 stroke radicals, Han-6 stroke radicals, Han-7 stroke radicals, Han-8 stroke radicals, Han-9 stroke radicals, Han-10 stroke radicals, Han-11-17.. stroke radicals, and Han-other. 
  • Arrows include Braille, control pictures, currency, emoticons, game pieces, gender and genealogical, geometric shapes, keyboard and UI, Latin 1 supplement, maths, maths alphanumeric, miscellaneous, musical, stars/asterisks, subscripts, superscripts, technical, transport, and map, weather and astrological, Yijing/Tai Xuan Jing, historic and compatibility.

Now you can check how to insert special characters in Google Docs

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Voila! You’ve just learned Google Docs special characters list. Try it now to create an awesome document.