Teacher Borders For Google Docs

You can add a teacher border easily to your Google Docs by using the below quick steps.

How to add a teacher Border in Google Docs

  1. Navigate to https://docs.google.com/ and click the + button to create a blank Google document. You can also open an existing Google document.
  2. Now, search Google for “teacher borders” images, download your favorite teacher border image, and save it to a local path on your PC.
  3. As the next step, click on the Insert menu, select the Drawing option, and then click on the New option, as highlighted below.
Teacher Border Google Docs

4. Click on the image button and upload the image by clicking on the Choose an image to upload button, or you can also drag and drop the image, then click on the Textbox button and add a text box inside the border and write the text or the quote that you need inside as shown below. Finally, click on the Save and Close button.

Teacher Border For Google Docs

Now, it will successfully add the Teacher Borders to Google Docs without any issues.

Voila!!! Using the information in this article, it is so easy to add a teacher border for Google Docs.