Google Docs Not Saving Comments

The reason for Google Docs not saving could be the same as we have mentioned in the article Why Google Docs didn’t Save My Work and then another important and additional point for this could be

  • You might forget to publish the comment. It shouldn’t be a pending comment. This is a common mistake people use to do.

Google Docs Not Saving Comments [Solved]

Ensure the comment you have added has been published, meaning it shouldn’t be a pending comment.

To Publish the comment, You need to add the comment and then click on the Comment button, or if you are replying against any existing comment, click the Reply button.

Google Docs Not Saving Comments

If you are replying to an existing comment, click on the Reply button once you have added the comment.

why are my comments not saving in google docs?

After adding the comment, without clicking on the Comment or Reply button By mistake, if you close the document, it will show you the below pop-up. If you click on the Leave button, you will not get the comment you have added because you have not published the comment by clicking on the Comment or Reply button.

why comments are not saving on google docs

If you have published the comment and still didn’t get the comments, you can check out Now, How To Recover Unsaved Google Docs.

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