Why does Google Docs keep crashing

Why does Google Docs keep crashing

In this Google Docs article, we will discuss the solution to your question of why does Google Docs keep crashing.

Why does Google Docs keep crashing [PC]

Few people are facing the issue that their Google Docs is crashing. It is happening while working with Google Docs on PC and mobile. You can follow the below solutions to fix this issue.

Approach-1: Clear your Browser Cache

If you use Google Docs and the Google Chrome browser, try using the incognito mode and then open Google Docs. If you still face the same issue, try the next approach.

Approach- 2: Disable the problematic extensions

A few Google Docs extensions might create the crashing issue on your Google Docs. Try disabling them one by one, and in this way, you can identify the problematic extension and then check if Google Docs is working fine.

Follow the next approach if you are still facing the same issue.

You can also try to Reset your browser settings.

Are you still facing the same issue? Try following the next approach.

Approach 3: Try using a new browser, Google Chrome / Safari / Mozilla Firefox

Google Docs keeps crashing Android [Mobile]

For a few users, the Google Docs app keeps crashing on their mobile or Android devices. Let’s discuss the approaches you must follow to fix this issue.

Approach-1: Restart your Mobile

If your Google Docs app keeps crashing on your mobile, the first step you need to do is restart your mobile, and this is one of the basic steps we used to follow. This can fix many issues for you.

If you still face the same issue, try the next approach.

Approach 2: Storage might be full. Delete the unnecessary files

Check if the storage is full, try uninstalling some unnecessary apps, and delete the unwanted photos, videos, files, etc. Now, try restarting the mobile and then launch the Docs app to check if it works.

If Approach 2 doesn’t work for you, try the next approach that might fix your Google Docs crash issue.

Approach-3: Reinstall the Docs App

If all the above approaches don’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Docs app. Then you try using the Google Docs app and hope this time the Docs app will work for you without any issue.

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Final Words

So, you now have a solution for the Google Docs crashing issue while using on the PC or mobile. I hope this solution will work for you to fix the crashing issue. Thanks for reading this article !!!