Google docs word art

Google Docs amplify the look of your documents and groom them using images, shapes, and lines. Adding Word Art is a great way to give users the touch of a visual treat. Word Art is not only limited to Microsoft Word. You can also use the word art in Google Docs. Google Docs word art gives flavor to the decorative text of your document. Let’s see more about what is Google Docs word art and how to use it effectively.

How to insert Word Art in Google Docs?

let’s see How to use Word art in Google Docs?. There are some ways you can make Word Art in Google Docs. Some of them are

  • Google Docs word art using “Google Drawings”
  • Docs word art using “Word art Generator.”
  • Docs word art using “chrome word” art extension

Do word art in Google Docs using “Google Drawings”

  1. Sign in to your Google account and open the Google Drawings tool(You can also go to your Google Docs and click Insert > Drawing > New)

2. Head over to the menu bar and click Insert > Word art

Google docs word art

3. A text box will pop up and allow you to enter your text.

4. You can add a single line or multiple lines using “Shift + Enter”.

5. You can format your text using the “Format options” sidebar at the right side of the drawing tool.

how to curve text in google docs

6. You can change the size & rotation, position, drop shadow, and add reflection.

7. Once you add magic for your text using the “word art” option, hit “Save & close.”

8. Your Word art for Docs will be stored in Google Drive.

9. Now open your Docs document where you wish to add your Word art. Click Insert > Drawings > From Drive

google docs word art curve

10. Select your Word art file from your Google Drive and insert it into your Docs.

How to curve words in Google Docs?

Even though there is no straight way to curve word art in Google Docs, you can use some workarounds to achieve this. You can draw a curve line in your Google Docs document using the curve tool in Google Docs, insert a text box, and finally resize it to fit the curve to use in your Google Docs document. 

How to curve text in Google Docs?

If you want your text to look more attractive, make it look like a curve structure in Google Docs using the Google Drawings tool.

  1. Open the Google Drawings tool and head over to the “Insert” menu
  2. Click Insert > Line > Curve
google drawing curved text

3. Draw a curve that fits your words

4. Now add a text box on the curve by clicking Insert > Textbox

how to curve words in google docs

5. Align your text to the curve. Now, please insert it into your Google Docs. And that’s it. You have curve words in Google Docs.

Google Docs Word art add-on

Are no add-ons available in the G-suite marketplace yet to design your Docs with Word art? But you can use various online word art generators and Chrome extensions to add the Word art in your Docs.

Add word art in Google Docs using  “Word Art Generator.”

If you are uncomfortable with the Drawings tool, you can use various online word art generators to insert into your Docs.

WordArt — Word art generator for Google Docs is an excellent word art generator website that helps you with the opportunity to create the word art, download it as an image, and insert it into your Docs easily.

Features of WordArt

  • Customizing your text with WordArt is very easy and more effective. It is quite similar to the one you’re using in a typical WordArt option in “Microsoft Word.”
  • You can insert the word, add your WordArt style, download it as PNG image files, and insert an image into your Google Docs.

Wordclouds — Word art generator for Google Docs is a free online word art generator that works extremely well on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

Features of Wordclouds

  • You can paste a single text, upload a long document, or open a URL to generate a word art automatically. 
  • You have a cluster of options to customize your word art with shapes, themes, colors, and fonts. 
  • You can save the WordArt as an image and insert it into your Google Docs document.

Do word art on Google Docs using “chrome word” art extension

Wordartprints is a word art extension available in Docs that allows you to create free, fantastic-looking word art.


  • You can choose over 500 designs to make your Docs Word art more beautiful.
  • You can effortlessly add your personalized words to the custom-designed word art and preview your Wordart.
  • You can download as an image and insert it straight into your Google Docs.

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By following the above methods, you can make your document more visually beautiful using Word Art in your Google Docs!. This is How to Insert Word Art in Google Docs (Step-by-Step) or How to Make WordArt text in Google Docs document online.


Can you add word art in Google Docs?

Yes, you can add word art in Google Docs using the above steps.

Where is word art in Google Docs

If you wish to find word art on Google Docs, Click on the Insert menu –> Select Drawing, then Click on the Actions menu and choose the WordArt option on the Drawing window.

What is Word Art in Google Docs?

Word Art is an excellent feature that helps to highlight the different text excitingly and gives flavor to the decorative text of your document. Now Let’s discuss Why Use Word Art? and the Benefits of Word Art.

Wrapping Up:

You got a wonderful idea on Google Docs Word Art. Now, it’s your turn to insert word art into your Google Docs document using the above simple approaches.