Download Google docs for desktop or for Windows 10

Google apps are cloud-based and run straight from Google’s data centers. There is no linear way you can find to download Google Docs for desktop or windows 10. But there are many workarounds you can make use of Google Docs without the internet. You can access all your Google Docs documents from your desktop or Windows 10 with Google Drive download. Let’s take a look at how to download Google Docs for desktop or for Windows 10 and how to use Google Docs offline.

Google Docs free download

You can download Google Docs for desktop or Windows 10 to access your Google Docs files offline or without an internet connection. Google Docs is a non-independent web tool that is having Google Drive as a destination to store all Google Docs files. You can create, edit, save, download, and access all the Google Docs documents by just signing into your Google Drive storage. 

Google Docs comes as a bundle with Google Drive for Windows 10 or desktop indeed. And thus downloading Google Drive to desktop or Windows 10 will bring up the downloaded version of Google Docs.

How to download Google Docs for desktop or for Windows 10?

If you are having a question “Can I install Google Docs on my PC”, then this section is for you.

Google Docs Desktop App

Simply follow the below instructions to learn how to download and install Google Drive and thus how to download Google Docs on your Windows 10 or desktop.

Google Docs Download For PC Windows 10

Download Google docs for desktop
  • Click Individuals > Download
  • Click “Download” under the “Backup and Sync” option.
  • This will ask permission from you to continue. Click the blue-colored button“Agree and Download”
  • Your Google Drive app will be downloaded. To install it, go to download on your computer and open it.
  • Click on “Run” to install Google Drive.
  • Once your Google Drive app gets downloaded, a welcome window will be displayed.
  • Click the blue-colored button “Get started”.
google docs offline extension download
download google docs for windows 10

You can now see your Google docs app downloaded along with G-suite apps like Google Sheets and Google Slides.

can i install google docs on my pc

So now arise a question – Does Google Docs work offline.

Does Google Docs work offline?

Even though Google Docs excels at collaboration online, you can also use Docs offline when you are offline, create and edit your Google Docs files on your desktop.

Google Docs files download for Desktop or for Windows10

The smartest solution for downloading Google docs for desktop or for windows 10 is simply downloading your Google Doc file to your computer. Just click “File > Download ” and choose your desired format types.

Unfortunately, this creates a new copy of your Google Docs document that is not synced to your Google Docs. And thus updating changes is not possible in this way. To get an offline copy of your Google Docs document that is editable too, Google Docs offline mode is a treasure.

Enable Google Docs Offline

Google provides “Google Docs Offline” that enables offline syncing functionality for Google Drive that is not on by default.

Google Docs For Windows Offline

Since there is no website available and allows you to download the Google Docs application, enabling offline use of Google Docs through your Chrome browser can do wonders.

Google Docs offline Free Download For Windows 10

All you have to do is install the official Google Chrome extension.

To turn on Google Docs offline access, you have to make sure of some criteria.

  • Your computer should be connected to the internet.
  • You should use the Google Chrome browser and don’t use any private browsers. Only your Chrome browser is able to access Google Drive offline on your desktop which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and works in the same way on each platform.
  • You have to make sure that the Drive Chrome web app installed in your Chrome or not. It usually comes as a default option with Chrome. But if it is not installed, you will be prompted to install it before you continue to Google Docs offline version.
  • You have to ensure your device has enough available space to save your Google Docs files.

Once all these criteria meet, you are ready to install and turn on Google Docs Offline Chrome extension.

  • Sign in to your chrome and download the “Google Docs Offline” Chrome extension.
  • Then just go to 
  • Or simply log into your Google Drive account, Now click on the Settings icon on the top right corner of the screen and select Settings.
  • A pop-up will be opened that enables you to change settings.
google docs free download for windows 10
google docs for windows offline
  • Check the box “offline” to edit offline and click “done”.

You can now edit and work on your Google Docs recent documents, even though there is no internet connection. Even though you don’t give specific control over which files will be available offline, you can simply manually mark specific Docs for offline access.

To make your Google Docs document offline, Open your Google Drive and just right-click on your document. Now toggle the “Available Offline” switch. You can also choose multiple batches of files to make them available offline. 

Shortcut to save multiple files available offline

A simple shortcut you can use :

  • Press Shift or Command (Mac)/Ctrl (Windows) while you click other files to save multiple files offline.

To preview Google Docs Offline files

  • Open your Google Drive account.
  • Make sure that you turn on offline access by clicking “Ready for offline” at the top right of your Google Docs document.
  • Click Offline preview.

Create Shortcut on for Google Docs Offline Desktop or Windows 10 

To get your Google Docs files quicker from your desktop, you can make a shortcut to your desktop and click on that shortcut on the desktop to open your Google Docs app

To do this, 

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Navigate to the Google Docs document you want to create a shortcut to the desktop.
  • Click on the “three vertical dots” at the top right of your document and, click “More tools”.
google docs for windows offline
google docs offline extension download
  • Click“ Create shortcut”, name the shortcut and click “Create”.
google docs free download for windows 7 64 bit
google docs offline free download for windows 10
  • Once you click Create, the shortcut will be added to your desktop and you can open it just like you open any app on your desktop. 

Activate Offline Mode in Google Docs

  • Open Google Docs and log in to your account. Click the hamburger menu icon on the top left of the screen and click on “Settings”.
  • Go to the third option “Offline” and turn on the “Toggle switch”
google docs free download
google docs free download for windows 10
  • A new tab will open with instructions to install the Chrome Web app if you need it, then ask for confirmation of enabling offline access.

Editing Files

Your Google Docs files and cache copies of the Docs apps will be downloaded within a few minutes. You should not disconnect from the internet connection until all your files downloaded. 

Now even you are offline, you can open Google Docs in your chrome browser and use it. The Google Docs files that are not available offline will be grayed out.

  • Double-click to open your Google Docs file offline. You can see a gray “Offline” icon displayed right next to the filename.
  • You can edit now and all of your changes are automatically saved. When you go back to Google Docs online, the changes made will be synced back to your account. 
  • If any files you edited offline is not yet synced, then it will be displayed in bold type in your Google Docs list.
  • You can also create new Google Docs documents when working offline. It will be automatically uploaded to your Google Docs account when you swing online.


A Chromebook is a laptop or tablet having Linux-based Chrome OS as an operating system to perform a diverse range of tasks using the Google Chrome browser and this includes using Google Docs offline.

You can set up Google Docs offline exactly the same as you do for Chrome on Windows, Mac, or Linux. 

All you have to do is just open the Google Docs, load the corresponding site in the Chrome browser, and then simply activate the offline feature in the same way as you would on those other platforms.

In Google Apps at Work

If you are having a Google business account, then working on Google Docs offline will be made simple which is not usually available to individual users.

  • All you have to do is simply log into the Google Admin console.
  • Click Apps > Google Apps > Drive > Data Access
  • Now Check the box labeled “Allow users to enable offline docs” and click Save.
  • And now the entire organization can work offline with Google Docs. You can also restrict offline access to individual users or groups for security purposes.

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And that’s it! Simply follow the above instructions to create, edit, and comment on Google Docs in offline mode with no internet by downloading Google Docs for desktop or Windows 10.