Emojis in Google Docs

Emojis in google docs

Rather than simple text, why not use an emoji of a pouted lip and a cheerful expression? Does that sound interesting? Google Docs allows numerous users to contribute revisions, comments, and other features. In addition, you may now use emojis in Google Docs, just like you can in communications or on social media. So, without further ado, this blog post is about inserting emojis in Google Docs.

To add emojis in Google Docs, click on Insert –> Special characters –> Choose the Emoji option from the symbol dropdown.

The emojis in Google Docs could be a convenient way to provide feedback; however, they may not be appropriate in some professional settings.

How to insert emojis in Google Docs?

Emojis can be a little challenging to insert into Google Docs, but it is still possible. Emojis can easily be added to Google Docs with a few clicks following the methods given below.

Step 1: After login into your Google account, go to Google Docs. Select one of the two options to view the Template Gallery: “Personal” or “Business.” You can then add emojis to your Google doc by opening a new document in Google Docs.

Add Emojis in Google Docs

Step 2: Choose the “Insert” tab, then select the “Special characters” option.

How to insert Emojis in Google Docs

Step 3: Upon opening the special character dialog box, select “symbol” under the drop-down menu.

How to add Emojis in Google Docs

Step 4: Now it’s time to select the “emoji” option in the “symbol” drop down from the “special characters” dialog box.

How to make Emojis in Google Docs

Step 5: Once the “emoji” option is selected, you can see various emojis.

How to make Google Docs Emojis

Step 6: In addition to this, you have an additional “People and Emotions” drop-down that lists various options such as: “People and Emotions,” “Animal, Plants and Food,” “Objects,” “Sports, Celebration and Activities,” “Transport, Maps and Signage,” “Weather, Scenes, and Zodiac sign,” “Enclosed,” “Marks,” and “Symbols.”

Howw to Add Emojis in Google Docs

Step 7: Google will suggest the closest emoji results if you search for it by keyword, or you can also draw a picture that describes what you’re looking for.

Step 8: Once you have selected relevant emojis that best suit your content, that could be the perfect time to insert emojis into your google document.

It’s time to pat yourself on the back. You have now successfully inserted emojis in Google Docs!

You may also take advantage of another option: installing an add-on.

You may download “add emojis to document” from the Google workplace marketplace to utilize various emojis within the document itself.

So you have a clear insight into inserting emojis in Google Docs but have you ever wondered why we use emojis too often? Well, the answer is quite simple.

With emojis, you can convey emotion without using words. Nevertheless, they are of little use in the academic community and in situations that require an objective perspective. A variety of emotions can be conveyed through emojis in a way that words cannot always. In addition, Emojis are entertaining and volatile.

What is the right time to use emojis in Google Docs?

Emojis have their own set of rules. When used too frequently in a discussion, they might appear insensitive and robotic. Emojis, however, can make your words more memorable if you use them to accompany them. Emojis should, of course, be reserved for informal talk and should be used sparingly in professional correspondence.

Skype for Business, for example, offers emoticons as part of its enterprise communication system. A nicery to your boss should not be considered over the top if they have a cheerful face.

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Putting together:

When others speak to us, we use the tone of their voice and the expression on their face to determine how they feel and what they’re really saying. Unlike face-to-face communication, texting involves no visual or auditory contact.

As a way to show emotion in informal written/digital communication, such as text messaging and social media, emojis have become increasingly popular. Adding emojis to a professional work product or an academic paper is not recommended. However, you can add them to Google Docs.

Our article has now come to an end. I hope you’ve now become proficient at inserting emojis into Google Docs. I appreciate you taking the time to read this!