How to insert Excel into Google Docs

How to insert Excel into Google Docs

Google Docs and Microsoft Excel, two widely used applications, often need to work in tandem to create comprehensive documents. However, Google Docs as an online word processor do not natively support Excel’s intricate data representations, causing occasional hiccups for users.

How to insert Excel into Google Docs

This article will walk you through 3 different methods of inserting Excel data into a Google Docs document effectively.

Method 1: Insert as an Image

A very efficient method to include an Excel spreadsheet in your Google Docs is to convert the sheet into an image. This method is specifically useful when your Excel data includes charts, graphs, or any other data representation forms.

Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Open your Excel spreadsheet and then select the data or the charts you wish to insert into Google Docs.
  2. Copy it using the (Ctrl+C) keys.
  3. Open an image editor, like MS Paint, and then paste using (Ctrl+V) your copied data.
  4. Save this image to your preferred location.
  5. In your Google Docs document, place the cursor where you wish the Excel data to appear.
  6. Navigate to the “Insert” menu, select “Image,” then choose the “Upload from computer,” option and select the image you saved.
how to put an excel sheet into google docs

Voila! Your Excel data is now part of the Google Docs document.

Method 2: Insert as a Table

For less complex data, Google Docs allows you to insert Excel data as a table. You can get the tabular structure of your data if you are using this method.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Excel file and select the data you wish to insert.
  2. Copy this data using the (Ctrl+C) keys.
  3. In your Google Docs document, place your cursor at the intended insertion point.
  4. Paste your data using the (Ctrl+V) keys. Google Docs will automatically convert the data into a table format.

Method 3: Insert as a Google Sheets Document

Perhaps the most powerful method of inserting Excel data into Google Docs is by using Google Sheets, Google’s native spreadsheet application. This method helps you to present your data as a chart, which can be helpful for presentations.

To do this:

  1. Open the Google Sheets and then create a new sheet.
  2. Open the Excel file, select the data you want to insert, and copy it using the (Ctrl+C) keys.
  3. Paste this data using the (Ctrl+V) keys into your new Google Sheets document.
  4. Save the Google Sheets document.
  5. In your Google Docs document, place the cursor at the intended insertion point.
  6. Go to the “Insert” menu, choose the “Chart,” option then “From Sheets.” You can then select the sheet you just created.
how to insert excel file in google docs

This method not only allows you to insert an Excel spreadsheet into Google Docs but also gives you the other benefit of using Google Sheets’ dynamic updating features.

Remember, each method serves a different purpose. While inserting as an image might be beneficial for static and complex data representations, inserting as a table could be useful for simple and tabular data. On the other hand, inserting it as a Google Sheets document will allow dynamic updates, making it the best choice for frequently changing data.

The ultimate goal is to combine the powerful data-handling capabilities of Excel with the versatility of Google Docs, allowing you for creating a comprehensive, data-driven document with ease. Whether you are preparing a report for your work or a personal project, these methods will help you to put an Excel sheet into Google Docs seamlessly.