Google docs vertical alignment

Typing documents and sharing them on docs is convenient. But when it comes to more organized and meticulous text sharing, tables are the option. Inserting and using tables in Google Docs is very convenient.

Google Docs vertical alignment

Once you insert a table in your Google Docs you can easily format the contents and Vertical alignment of the text in Google Docs will be possible.

Inserting a Table in Google Docs

Firstly, we need to insert a table, and Inserting a table in Google Docs is fairly simple Insert > Table

google docs vertical align

You will then get an option with the number of Rows and Columns you want to add. Simply drag the mouse pointer around and you will be able to select the desired number.

google docs center vertically

Once the number of rows and columns is selected the table will appear on your Google Docs.

google docs table vertical align

The data can then be filled in as required. After the table is complete the data can be formatted by using various options available. This includes changing the color of the cells, individual cells can have different colors as well.

Changing the font and the style in which the text is written is an option you can explore. Especially having a different Font style for heading or important topics. You could also color-coordinate the table along with the font to match different events or activities mentioned in the table.

In most cases, the headers of tables are broader than the other cells. To increase the size of a row or column move the cursor to the border that needs to be extended. Doing so will change the look of the cursor to a double line.

You can then left-click and drag without releasing the button. When the dimensions of cells change the text within the box looks off.

how to vertically align text in google docs
  • Well, To add an additional row, Right-click on the row where you want to add the new row and then click on the Insert row above option as highlighted below.
how to vertically center text in google docs
  • If you want to add an additional column, You need to right-click on the column where you want to add the new column either left or right, and then click on the Insert column left or Insert Column right based on your requirement.
how to align text vertically in google docs

Let’s edit different table properties and will see how it can help us to achieve so many requirements.

Changing the Alignment of a table in Google Docs (vertical alignment)

Along with other alterations that can be made to a table in Google Docs, it also allows changing the alignment of text in different cells. The following process can be used.

Highlight the cells whose data needs to be vertically aligned

This can be done by left-clicking the first cell and then bragging the pointer across the table without lifting the button. Cells will have a blue tint to them once selected.

how to center text in google docs

After highlighting the cells right click on the table. A dropdown menu with table editing details will appear select Table properties.

google docs table vertical alignment

Once selected a popup with details about the table border, dimensions etc will open. On the left corner, you have cell vertical alignment here you can change the text alignment to Middle. This will align the text in the center. You could also choose to align it to the top and bottom of the cell depending on your preferences.

google docs align text vertically

After choosing the option of your choice click OK.

how to center vertically in google docs

Following these steps will aid in the Vertical alignment of text in Google Docs.

Modify cell dimensions

You can able to modify the cell dimensions of a Google Docs table using the below instructions

The first step is you need to mouse over the table border line that you would like to modify, you can able to see the mouse cursor as a double arrow.

vertical alignment in google docs

Then, you can able to see a blue thin line, click on that, and then you can release the mouse click as shown below screenshot.

google docs vertical align center

Hover over the borderline you want to modify. The cursor will change into a double arrow.

We can also modify the border size of the table in Google Docs using the below instructions.

  1. Right-click on the table and then click on the “Table properties” option
  2. On the Table properties window, click on the Table border dropdown and select the required size based on your requirement and then click on the OK button to save the changes.
How to Modify border size of Google docs table

You can able to see the border width has been changed successfully as below

vertical align in table in docs

You can also change the background color of the Google Docs table cell using the below steps

  1. The first step is to select the cell that you want to change the background color and then right-click on the cell and click on the Table Properties.
  2. On the Table Properties window, you can select a color based on your requirement from the Cell background color dropdown and then click on the Ok button as shown below.
google docs center text vertically

Now you can able to see the Background color of the table cell has been changed successfully.

Steps to change cell background color in Google docs table

Alignment: How do I align the text into the middle of the page?

Follow the below instruction to align the text to the middle of the page.


  1. The first step is to select the complete text that you actually desire to center.
  2. Then you can click on the “center align” button to align the text into the middle of the page.
How do I align the text into the middle of the page


Or, you can also follow the below steps to align the text into the middle of the page.

  1. Select the complete text that you actually desire to center.
  2. Click on the Format menu -> select Align & Indent -> click on Center
Alignment: How do I align the text into the middle of the page

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed Google Docs vertical alignment options. Hope you have enjoyed this article !!!