How to make a poster on Google Docs

How to make a poster in Google Docs

Without a doubt, Advertising on Posters has been an extremely successful and valuable form of advertisement for a very long time now. A strategy like this is likely to be successful in terms of engaging the audience in sales, fundraising, and sales campaigns.

You can quickly make a poster on Google Docs using the Drawing tool.

Are you trying to create a poster in Google Docs but do not know how? I assure you that it won’t be a problem, and we will help you to make it happen. It will take you a few minutes to run through each step of how to use Google Docs to create a poster. After that, it is simply a matter of following along, which wouldn’t be too difficult.

How to make a poster on Google Docs

The process of making a new poster using Google Docs is not as challenging as it may seem. The steps below will guide you through creating the posters in Google Docs.

Step 1: Using the browser, you can open Google Docs.

Step 2:  In order to launch a new Google document, simply click on the “+” icon.

create a poster on Google docs

Step 3: In order to open the drawing page, click “Insert,” then select “Drawing” and “New.”

How to create a poster on Google docs

Step 4: Upon opening the drawing page, you’ll be able to see the drawing window.

poster template google docs

Step 5: In the next step, you will select a rectangle from the list of shapes by clicking on the rectangle icon.

how to make a poster in google docs

Step 6: Using the + pointer, position the rectangle where you want it to be.

google docs poster template

Step 7: For your convenience, you can choose the color you wish to use for your poster by clicking the color icon.

posters in google docs

Step 8: Click on the Text Icon, which will allow you to add text to the rectangle. The design menu also allows you to change the font type and size in a variety of ways.

how to make a poster in google docs

Step 9: In the upper right corner, a button is marked Save and Close. Click it to save and close the poster.

how to make posters on google docs

Step 10: Alternatively, you can also print the poster by selecting the “File” and then the “Print” option from the menu bar.

Make a poster in Google Docs

What a great thing you have done! You’ve now created your own poster from scratch using Google Docs.

Apart from making the posters in google docs, you may have some doubts about how the posters are going to look, so don’t worry; we have made a list of some of the frequently asked questions about google docs posters for you.


In Google Docs, is there a Poster Template available?

You can use Google Docs poster templates in order to create posters. Furthermore, you can also use formatting tools to change the background color, style, alignment, and size and adjust the font type. Last but not least, you can also choose the insert image option to insert images, and you can begin to create pictures by clicking on the button.

Do you think Google Docs would be a good choice for posters?

In Google Docs, there is a poster template that you can use for your poster. In addition, you can customize the size, color, style, alignment, background, and many other document properties with various formatting tools.

Do you know if there is any rule I need to follow when composing a great poster in Google Docs?

Below are nine rules to follow to make a great poster in Google Docs:

Rule 1: A well-designed layout and concise format are key to a successful poster presentation.

Make sure you do not cram too much data into your poster; instead of highlighting your poster, use a light, homogenous background in italics instead of underlining.

Rule 2: Make sure your wording is plain and straightforward. If at all possible, you should avoid using text completely. Because a poster visualizes your work, and graphs speak louder than words, the text must be readable and concise.

Rule 3: Present your message’s substance logically, clearly, and succinctly. Tell a good tale to your target audience and focus on a key theme.

Rule 4: Make it stand out from the crowd by including a one-of-a-kind feature – think beyond the box.

Rule 5: Consider a title that is both memorable and thought-provoking. Keep it simple and crisp by focusing more on target keywords and highlighting the primary material.

Rule 6: To minimize last-minute stress, start planning ahead of time. Give it a shot, or take advantage of your colleague’s suggestions and opinions and attempt to include them in your posters.

Rule 7: Remove any superfluous elements from the text; only include the information you wish to convey and erase anything else.

Rule 8: Make sure to proofread and double-check spelling before printing anything.

Rule 9: Take advantage of the poster that you have created and use it to help you.


Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of Google Docs will be able to create posters. So no matter how creative your day is, or if you don’t feel much like creating posters, Google Docs will suffice. The application allows you to create professional-looking posters in a jiffy with the typefaces and styles that are available in the program.

So, now that we’ve reached the conclusion of the essay, perhaps you’ve figured out how to make posters in Google Docs. Again, it is a pleasure to have you read this. Thank you for taking the time to do so.