How to insert an image behind the text in Google docs

The best alternative to Microsoft word is Google Docs. Well, anyone who has used this online tool before knows how convenient and beneficial it is especially since it has an autosaving feature. Well, there are tons of features that you might still not be aware of when it comes to using Google Docs.

There is one particular feature that many of you might still have been able to figure out. Well, if you have no idea how to insert an image behind the text in Google Docs, here is your chance to learn more about it. You can check out the guide below that will help you to insert the image behind any text. It is not a direct method since this particular feature is not available for Google Docs users.

However, you can use the below method using some tools that are easily available in your system. Here we go.

How to insert an image behind the text in Google Docs

Well, you might have seen multiple articles, blogs, etc where the texts might have a background image behind them. Since you are using Google Docs, it has no such feature hence you need to format it someplace else and paste it back to Google Docs. Here are some of the methods you can try that will allow you to do so and make it a lot easier for you.

Make sure to follow these steps as given so that you are on the right track.

1. Insert Image using Microsoft Word

The very first and probably the most common among them all is by using Microsoft Word. If you have the software in your system, the process won’t take long. However, if you do not have it yet, you can try out the other method as well. Other than this, you can even try out the Office Online software too, whichever you have access to.

  • Create your Google Docs document as you need.
  • Open Microsoft Word or Office Online and create a new Doc. 
  • Copy and paste the content from Google Docs to Microsoft Word
  • In MS Word, click on Insert. Tap on Pictures.
Tap on Pictures to insert Image
  • Now, choose an image and click on Insert.
  • The picture will appear in your content. Right-click on the image.
  • Select Wrap Text. Click on In Front of Text.
Wrap Text in front of text
Make Image transparent
How to insert an image behind the text in Google docs
image behind text Google Docs
  • Save the .docx file in your system.
  • Move to Google Docs, and select File and then Open.
  • Select Upload and open the .docx file you saved.

Now, you simply need to right-click on the image and select Image Options. Adjust the transparency. Likewise, it will work as a background image and the text behind will appear on the image.

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2. Insert Image using Google Slides

Another interesting approach that you can follow is by simply using Google Slides as it is available as an online tool free of cost. If you do not have Microsoft Word, this will be always available and come in handy for anyone. Well, it is a perfect match if you do not have a lot of content or text in your document.

Open Google Slides
  • Click on File. Tap on Page Setup at the bottom.
Page Setup
  • Select Custom.
Custom edit Slides
  • Change the digits to 11” and 8.5” for Google Docs. Tap on Apply.
  • Now, click on Slide from the taskbar and select Change Backgroud.
Change Background Image
  • Click on Choose Image. Select the image and click on Insert.
  • You can now add the text you want to your image.

That is all you need to do. Once done, you can save the presentation and use it on Google Docs.

Insert image behind the text in Google Docs- Direct Method

Apart from all the methods you have seen above, you can try out a completely different approach directly on Google Docs. Well, this is only applicable if you have a small text that you need to add to an image. Here is how you can do it.

  • Open Google Docs and create a new Doc.
  • Click on Insert from the menu option.
  • Select Drawing and then tap on + New.
how to send an image to the back in google docs
  • Click on Image Icon.
  • Upload an image and click on Select.
Insert Image and then tap on Select
  • Make the necessary edits to the image using multiple tools such as pencil, cropping, etc.
  • Click on the Add Text box to add text to the image.
  • Tap on Save and Close to add the image to your document.

From here you can now add more such images with text on it. In fact, you can either make the image or the text more transparent using the tools made available to your while editing.

This is by far the simplest method and directs too if you do not need a lot of changes to your document or have very little text needed to be written on your Google Docs.

What image format does Google Docs use?

Well, if you are thinking of inserting images behind a text in Google Docs, there are certain formats that you need to be aware of. We do have mentioned the methods that you can use to use a background image behind the text or the content, however, it does not support every image format.

Google Docs does not support images inserted with a size of more than 50MB. So, you need to compress the image and reduce the size overall to get a perfect size. A lot of users have been getting errors such as “Size too big”. Also, you can only insert .jpg, .png, or non-animated .gif formats in your document. If there are any other image formats you can simply use any online tool and convert them into the desired format.

How to Wrap Image in Google Docs?

Here is another option that you can try to wrap the text around the images or however you need it to be. Simply put, text wrapping allows the words of the text to be wrapped around an image when chosen to do so. Such a feature is available in Google Docs and with few simple steps, you can do so. If you do not like the idea of inserting an image behind text, this is how is another feature you can try.

Right-click on Image

Simply add the image in your document anywhere you would like. Now, right-click on the image and tap on Image options.

Format Image and Wrap Text
Wrapping Image

This will provide you with multiple options among which you can choose text wrapping. It has multiple other aspects that you can select whether you need the image to be between the text, or in the corner. Select the desired option from here and make the changes. It will hardly take any time and make your content look better.

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Final Verdict

Here we are with every piece of info that you might need on How to insert an image behind the text in Google docs. Make sure that you follow the steps mentioned here. There are loads of misinformation and long methods that you may find on the web, so it is better to follow a guide that is properly verified and reviewed multiple times.

The above methods are tried and tested as well by our experts. If at all you have any doubts while following these steps, you can let us know. Also, there might be other tools as well that may help you insert background images into your content. But instead of using any such tool, it is better to get your hands on those that are safe and verified. If you have any other tried methods, you can let us know in the comment section below.