How to make a flow chart in Google Docs

Google Docs Flow chart

Do you think that the very first thing you read in this article is something that you cannot imagine being possible? Well, don’t complicate it; creating flowcharts in Google Docs is as simple as it sounds. So yes, with this quick rundown, you would have now understood what this article is about. You’re right! It’s a Google Docs flowchart.

How to create a flow chart in Google Docs

To build a flow chart, put out all of the actions and choices you make during a process in sequence. Then, using the proper symbols, organize these stages in a flowchart structure.

A step-by-step process to create a Google Docs flow chart

1. Create a new Google document.

Open a blank page in Google Docs after enabling it in your browser.

You can adjust the page orientation from Portrait to Landscape if your flowchart is horizontal. To enter the Page Setup dialogue box, go to the File tab, click Page Setup on the drop-down menu, select Landscape, and then click the OK button.

how to create a flow chart in google docs

2. select “insert,” “drawing,” and “new” from the file menu.

how to make flow chart in google docs

Over your primary document, a drawing pop-up window will appear.

how to make a flow chart on google docs

3. Select the shape tool (circle over the square) in the drawing pop-up window. This will give you all of the flowchart shapes that you need.

how to create flow chart in google docs
how to do a flow chart in google docs

4. Assemble each section of your flowchart. Then, using the “text” tool, you may enter text inside each symbol. Next to the shape tool is the “text” tool. It’s a capital letter “T” surrounded by a box. You may alter the font type or style in the responsive type menu.

how to insert flow chart in google docs

5. Use flowlines to connect your symbols. Select the “arrow/line” tool directly to the “shape” tool’s left

how to create a flow chart on google docs

6. Lastly, click the “Save and close” button on the top right of the drawing pop-up window to save your drawing. You’ll go back to your main document and insert the flowchart inside. If you want to alter something after you’ve inserted your flowchart, simply right-click it and choose “edit.”

how to create a flow chart on google docs

In this way, you can easily create your own Google Docs flowchart.

FAQS on Google Docs flowchart:

Do you have any Google Docs flowchart template?

Google Docs does not have any flowchart templates. So if you want to construct a flowchart, you’ll have to start from scratch with Google Docs’ drag-and-drop interface.

Can you make a flowchart in Google Docs

Yes, you can easily make a flowchart in Google Docs using the Drawing tool and third-party add-ons.

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