Google Docs Activity Dashboard missing

Google Docs Activity Dashboard

Let’s dive deep into this article to learn why the activity dashboard is missing for you, how to access It, how to view the Activity Dashboard, the limitations of the Activity Dashboard in Google Docs, etc.

Google Docs Activity Dashboard missing

There are two possible reasons why your Activity Dashboard is missing:

  • Administrators restrict access.
  • Users restrict the access.

Administrators restrict the access

When a file is shared by a Google Business Account owner, administrators(the owner) can control whether users can see their file activity on the Activity dashboard. File activity contains the user names of those who have viewed the Google Docs and includes the viewing time.

Users must have “Edit” access to the file if they want to view your Activity dashboard for any of the shared files, and they must belong to the same domain as the file owner. The users can’t view the Activity dashboard for the files outside their domain.

If you wish to see the Activity Dashboard and you have a G Suite free edition, then you will have to upgrade to the Google Workspace to enjoy this specific feature.

Users restrict the access

The users can control if they want their file-viewing detail information displayed in the Activity dashboard. They can change the privacy settings to hide the file-viewing detail information.

Google Docs Activity Dashboard is a beautiful feature that lets you view which one of your collaborators has opened your Google Docs file in your Activity Dashboard. 

Google Docs Activity Dashboard: View all the activities on your Google Docs file in one place.

How to access Google Docs Activity Dashboard?

Two conditions should be met to access the Activity Dashboard.

  • Unfortunately, the Activity Dashboard isn’t available to everyone. To use the Activity Dashboard in Google Docs, your Google account must belong to an organization, such as a business or school.
  • You need permission to edit the document when someone shares, and you must use the web browser version of Google Docs. 

How to view Google Docs Activity Dashboard?

You can find the “Activity Dashboard” by clicking on the jagged arrow icon next to the comments button in the top-right corner of your Google Docs document. Clicking on this icon will open the Activity Dashboard. There, you can adjust your document settings and even the privacy settings. 

Upon clicking, you get instant access to the Activity Dashboard information you seek.

If you hover your mouse over the icon, you can see the detailed information others can view about you on the Activity Dashboard.

Below are some of the information you can see with the Activity Dashboard:

  • Shared with tab: People you’ve shared the file with.
  • All viewers (organization) tab: People in your organization who have viewed the file.
  • Viewer trend tab: A chart of viewers over time.

The “Viewers” tab in this dashboard will tell you the last time anyone has opened a document. By clicking on the “All Viewers” option, you can see more information, like people from your organization who have viewed the document, whether they were invited or clicked a shareable link.


What is Google Docs Activity Dashboard?

Activity Dashboard is a centralized place where the document owners and the editors can view how the other collaborators engage with their content.

The Activity Dashboard in Google Docs saves information about who has viewed your shared document when they viewed it, and more.

Activity Dashboard lets you keep track of the changes in your document and see in Google Docs who has viewed your document. 

How to hide Google Docs view history?

If you don’t want your view history to appear in the Activity Dashboard, you can hide it. 

  • To turn off the view history for a specific shared file, navigate to the top menu bar, click “Tools Activity dashboard privacy, and turn off “Show my view history for this document.”

How to turn off Google Docs view history for all files?

  • To turn off view history for all files, go to Google Docs home page, navigate to the top left side of your document, and click Menu  > Settings. Under “Activity dashboard,” turn off “Show your view history”

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I hope you have an idea of what the Google Docs Activity Dashboard is, its benefits, and its limitations and what to do if your Google Docs Activity Dashboard is not showing.  You can use this dashboard to find out how your collaborators work on shared files!