How to make a family tree on Google Docs

How to make a family tree on Google Docs?

Creating a family tree in Google Docs has become more efficient and straightforward. This article describes how to make a family tree in Google Docs in the most straightforward possible manner.

How to make a family tree in Google Docs

To create a family tree on Google Docs, follow the below-mentioned steps one by one:

1. Navigate to Google Docs and click the Blank(+) option to create an empty document.

2. Go to Insert > Drawing, then select New. A new drawing box will appear.

family tree template google docs
family tree maker google docs

3. As you can see, the image mentioned above is the exact image of the drawing dialog box where you can create your family tree.

create a family tree Google Docs

4. As you can see, the close-up view of the Drawing dialog box is enabled with various features such as:

  • Action – this option helps you perform various actions such as cut, copy, paste, alignment, orders, and grouping.
  • Undo – using this option, the document is returned to its former state by erasing the last modification.
  • Redo –  This action restores any previously undone action by using an undo.
  • Zoom – with this action, you can zoom in and out. When you zoom in, you enlarge the text, and when you zoom out, you reduce it.
  • Select – this option allows you to select specific elements.
  • Line – You can draw various types of lines using this action
  • Shape –  You can draw multiple types of shapes with this shape action
  • Textbox – This allows you to type the text for your family tree
  • Image – This option will enable you to upload or drag and drop the image for your family tree.

5. Now let us discuss each drawing dialog box feature in-depth:

  • The first is the “Action” feature: Check out the below screenshot.
how to create a family tree in google docs
How to create a family tree in Google Doc
  • The “Action” feature entails elements like: “See version history,” “Download,” “Wordart,” “Cut,” “Copy,” “Paste,” “Duplicate,” “Align horizontally,” “Align vertically,” “Distribute,” “Rotate,” “Show ruler,” “Guides,” “Snap to,” “Order,” “Group,” “Ungroup,” and “Regroup,”
  • And then the next is the  “undo” and “redo” features.
  • Followed by “undo” and “redo,” “Zoom” comes next, and the elements entailed are: “Zoom,” which includes various options such as 50% to 100% zooming options, followed by “Zoom in” and “Zoom out” options. Then the “Show ruler,” “Guides,” “Snap to,” and “Fullscreen.” See the screenshot below.
family tree on google docs
  • The next is the “Select” option.

6. Next to the “Select”  is a “Line” option that entails elements like: “Line,” “Arrow,” “Elbow connector,” “Curved connector,” “Curve,” “Polyline,” and “Scribble.” See the screenshot below.

create family tree in google docs

You can connect the components of a “Line” feature by attaching each element to the other.

  • The next is a “Shape” feature, which entails elements like: “Shapes,” “Arrows,” “Callouts,” and “Equations.” Each element contains various shapes, and the last “Equation” has mathematical symbols such as Plus, Minus, Multiply, Divide, Equal, Not equal, Double bracket, Double brace, left bracket, right bracket, left brace, and right brace. Check out the screenshot below.
how to make family tree
  • Followed by the “shape” is a “Text box” feature, where you add text based on your context. The elements present in each component have distinctive options which enable you to take advantage of various shapes.
  • Then is the “Image” feature; a new dialog box will appear when you click it. See the screenshot below.
family tree google docs

7. As you can see in the image mentioned above, the image dialog box contains various elements such as: “Upload,” “By URL,” “Your album,” “Google Drive,” and “Search.” Once you upload the images, you can add the licensed image to your family tree.

8. Furthermore, you can only select images you are sure you have the right to use; failing in such a case would result in a severe copyright issue.

9. The shapes, images, and text boxes can be added to the space and connected with lines. Check out the screenshot below.

family tree on google docs

10. Double-click the shape to add text.

11. Now the family tree has been completed successfully and will look like below, click “Save & Close. to add it to your Google Docs document”

family tree on google docs

This is how to make family tree on Google Docs.

A Few tips for creating a family tree on Google Docs

A few tips that could help you to do a family tree on Google Docs are as follows:

  • Identify your ancestors by collecting information. Gather information from family members, collect documents and pictures, and list what you know.

·         Describe your family tree in broad strokes. Next, create a design using all of the information you’ve gathered.

  • Fill up the blanks on each leaf with information.
  • Distribute the diagram of your family tree.


What is a family tree?

Answer: A family tree, often known as a genealogy or pedigree chart, is a traditional tree structure that depicts family or organizational ties. Genograms are more detailed family trees employed in medical and social work.

Can you make a family tree on Google Docs

Answer: Yes, using the above steps.

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Voila! Make your own family tree and pedigree chart on Google Docs easily just by following the above steps!