How to add or delete Google docs page break

How to add or delete Google docs page break

Here, we will check how to add page breaks in Google Docs. and then how to remove or delete the page break and how to add page break dotted lines in Google Docs.

How to add a page break in Google Docs

Adding a page break to your document in Google Docs is simple. Page Break can help convey the end of one topic or context and the beginning of another. Or, if you want to separate the pages in Google Docs, you can use the page breaks.

Adding page breaks to separate pages In Google Docs is a useful technique for those intending to print the document. Google Docs makes it simple to use page breaks.

If you’re wondering how to add a page break in Google Docs easily, here’s how to do it.

1. Go to Google Docs 

2. Open your document where you are going to insert the page break

3. Place your cursor where you want to insert a page break.

4. Now Click Insert > Break > Page break.

Google docs page break

Now, your page will be split into two pages. The beginning line of the new page is the follow-up line where you have placed your cursor in google docs.

Google docs page break shortcut

You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + enter for a page break. Ensure you have placed the cursor where you want to split before using the shortcut.

Google docs page break dotted lines

If you add a page break, dotted lines will appear in between your pages. If you don’t want those weird dotted lines in between your pages, you can remove it. Click View and check whether the print layout option is checked in or not. Checked in the print layout option to get rid of these lines.

Insert Page Break In Google Docs Table

There is no direct option to insert a page break in the Google docs table. But below is the workaround that you can try out to insert a page break in the Google Docs table.

  1. Navigate to the table in your Google Docs and select the rows you want to separate.
 insert a page break in the Google Docs table

2. Drag those selected rows towards down. Now the table structure will look like below.

How to insert a page break in the Google Docs table

3. Now select those two empty rows and click on the Delete rows option.

How to insert a page break in Google Docs table

4. Click between the table’s two parts. Click on Insert –> select Break –> Click on the Page break option as highlighted below.

Insert Page Break In Google Docs Table

How to delete a page break in Google Docs

Inserting a page break is very useful, and if you don’t like it, then the backspace key on your keyboard is enough to remove it.

If you accidentally include any unnecessary page breaks, you can remove it easily. Accidentally inserting a page break is another reason an unwanted page may be created.

To delete a page break in Google Docs, place the insertion point below the page break and press the backspace key or delete key on your keyboard. You may need to press the key several times to remove page breaks in Google Docs sometimes.

Google Docs page break before heading

Page break before heading in Google Docs ensures a paragraph starts at the top of a new page. Visually, there is no difference between using the page-break-before option and typing a hard page break in front of the paragraph. 

The page break before an option is considered integrated into paragraph and character styles, so all paragraphs of a particular style will begin at the top of a new page. You can also apply it to your top-level heading style. 

To do this, check in the page break before option in your paragraph settings. Typing hard page breaks before each heading would be tedious in a lengthy document. Thus, using page breaks before heading in Google Docs is helpful.


What is a page break?

A Page Break in Google Docs tells where to end the current page and begin the next page. You can end a page without filling it up with text using a page break option in Google Docs. You can separate a title page from the rest of the paper with a page break. A page break makes the succeeding text start at the top of the next page.

Why page break in Google Docs?

You started working on a document in Google Docs. Everything goes well, but then you begin adding some images. Some fit right in, but others skip past the page breaks and leave ugly vacant spaces behind.

  • It will irritate you if you intend to print the document on paper. To get rid of this tension, you can use a page break.
  • If you are tired of pressing the enter key repeatedly, create a bunch of new lines until a new page begins, then a page break is a boon for you.
  • For instance, you need to have text start on a new page, such as the beginning of a new chapter, and insert a manual page break at the place where you want the new page to initiate.
  • Manually stepping towards the next page will eventually lead to problems if you edit the document in the future. Instead of creating a new blank line, a page break can be used to navigate to the next page of a document.
  • These line breaks created manually are technically content inside the document and many formatting adjustments. Deletion of these line breaks can lead to situations where you have huge gaps in your document and content beginning at the end of a page where it actually should be on a fresh page.

Page breaks in Google Docs allow you to insert a break at any point in your document that will force content after the break to start on the next page or add space between pages in Google Docs.


Page breaks inserted in Google Docs will work in other text editors, including Microsoft Word, WPS, and Libre Office. Following the above instructions, you can easily insert a page break throughout your document in Google Docs.