How to resolve comments in Google Docs

Once you have added a comment or even tried to review the comments mentioned by different collaborators, you will have a few options like reply and resolve.

How to resolve comments in Google Docs

  • Click on the comment section on the right-hand side of your Google Docs document, or you can right-click on the selected text –> Choose the Comment option. See the screenshot below for your reference.
how to resolve all comments in google docs
  • Now, you will get the option of replying or resolving the comment.
  • You can resolve it if you are added as a collaborator and have permission.
  • Once you find the comment and wish to solve it, you can click the resolve button to resolve it. The role of the Resolve button is also to delete your comments effectively. Still, the major difference is that the resolved comments are added to the comment history section, but you won’t find the deleted comments in the comment history section. Another point is, that you can also bring the Resolved comments back to your Google Docs document.

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In this article, we discussed how to resolve comments in Google Docs. Thanks for reading this article !!!