How to insert a file in Google Docs

How to insert a file in Google Docs

In this Google Docs article, we will discuss the quick steps to insert file in Google Docs.

How to insert a file in Google Docs

Follow the below steps to insert files in Google Docs.

  1. Open your Google Docs document where you wish to add the files.
  2. Click on the Insert menu –> select smart chips –> choose the file option.
how to insert file in google docs

3. Type the file name you wish to search for and then click on the file you wish to insert to your Google Docs document from the lists of files displayed here as the search result.

You can also search for the exact file name and select the specific file you want to add to your Google Docs document.

how to insert excel file in google docs

4. Once you click on the file from the search result you are done with the steps. You have inserted the file successfully into your Google Docs document. Mouse hover on that file to see the details and then you can click on that file to open in a separate window.

how to insert word file in google docs

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Voila! it is so easy to insert a file in Google Docs using the above information mentioned in this article. Thanks for reading this article !!!