Memo Template Google Docs

Memo Template Google Docs

Are you looking for an easy guide on how to create Google Docs memo template? This article is a step-by-step guide to help you create a memorandum template in Google Docs in just 15 minutes. The memo known asMemorandum is a type of internal communication within a school, company, or organization. 

How to create a Memo Template in Google Docs?

To create a business memo template in Google Docs, follow the below steps.

1. Open Google and sign in to your Google account. On the right corner, you will find Google Apps. Click ‘Docs’, and Google Docs is open now.

2. Since there is no built-in Memo template, you have to create your template by clicking ‘Blank’ on the new document

3. Navigate to the menu bar and click ‘Insert’ > ‘Table’ > ‘1×1.’ Check out the screenshot below.

free memo template google docs

4. Inside the table, write the title of your memo. The memo title should be in the center of the topmost part of the document. Use ‘Comfortaa’ > ’Bold’ font; the font size should be ‘18’ to be easily readable. If you have not found the ‘Comfortaa’ font, click the down arrow in the font bar  and click ‘More fonts.’ A font window will pop up on your screen. You can search for the required fonts. See the below screenshot for reference.

memo format google docs

5. Leave two line spaces and add information for the ‘To’, ‘From’, ‘Date’, ‘Subject’ one by one with 11-Point ‘Aria’. It should be aligned at the left using ‘Ctrl+Shift+L’ The date should be in the format of DD/MM/YY. ‘Ref’ and ‘Action required’ are optional. The subject line should not be more than seven words.

business memo template google docs

6. After the header, Insert a horizontal line. To do so, navigate to the menu bar and click ‘Insert’ > ‘Horizontal Line’.

memo template for google docs

7. The main points of the memo and what the reader needs to know should be summarized.

8. Let the reader know the situation you are addressing in the introduction part.

9. Mention the purpose of the memo. You can include statistics, reasons, or examples for why the memo has been issued or what prompted you to write the memo. To research right from Google Docs, use Wolfram|Alpha for Google Docs add-ons.

To enable this feature, Navigate to the ‘Extensions’ in the menu bar and select ‘Get add-ons.’ The ‘Google Workplace marketplace’ window will pop up on your screen. Search ‘Wolfram|Alpha for Google Docs’ and click ‘Install.’ These add-ons will eliminate the need to open a new tab and Google it. In this way, you can get more focus while writing your memo.

You can also use voice typing in Google Docs to write fast. To enable this feature, Go to ‘Tools’ in the menu bar and select voice typing or simply press ‘Ctrl+Shift+S.’

Note: Follow single spaces within paragraphs and double-space between paragraphs and sections. The memo should be no longer than 1-2 pages. It should be simple to communicate the idea internally.

10. Do the readers need to take any action? Summarize your requests using a bulleted list by simply pressing ‘Ctrl+Shift+8’ under the action points and mentioning when the actions should be completed under the deadline.

11. Conclude professionally and close the memo. Indicate the attached documents at the end part of the memo.

Tip 1: If you found the memo template in PDF format, you can easily make it editable in Google Docs. Upload your PDF template in your “Google Drive” and click open with ‘Google Docs.’ Now, your memo template is ready to edit.

Tip 2: If you want to translate the document to another language, click ‘Tools’ and select ‘Translate a document.’ The translate document window will pop up on your screen. Choose a language you want to translate and select the ‘Translate’ blue button. The memo is translated into your language.

Standard Memo Template Google Docs:

Finally we have created our memo template successfully. Below is our final memo template created using the above step.

[Title of Memo]

To:     [Reader’s name and Designation]
From:     [Writer’s name and Designation]
Date:     [Date memo is sent DD/MM/YY]
Subject:   [Brief and clear]*
Ref:     [Refers to a project or file]*

ActionRequired:[Notifies the reader if a response will be necessary]

Summary: [In short, What do readers need to know? Concisely summarize the issue]

Introduction: [Let the reader should know the situation you are addressing]

Purpose: [Here mention the purpose of the memo clearly. You can include statistics, reasons, or examples]

 Action Points: [Do the readers need to take any action?]
[Action Point 1]
[Action Point 2]
[Action Point 3]
[Action Point 4]

Deadline: [Mention the Date and time the action should be completed e.g., 4:00 p.m. on November 19, 2021]

Conclusion: [Summary and possible recommendations. Indicate the attached documents at the end part of the memo]

The above is the standard Memo template format. Most organizations and companies have this format. There will be some variations for some other companies. All of these should line up nicely and look professional. 


Does Google Docs have a memo template?

You might have this question: “Does Google Docs have a Memo template?”

Unfortunately, the answer is ‘No’. Google Docs does not have an inbuilt Memo template. However, you can create a Memo template from scratch using Google Docs styling tools. Create a memo template in Google Docs using the above steps.

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Woo, you just learned how to create a Memo template in Google Docs from scratch. I hope this article was insightful and you’ll get inspired by these step-by-step processes of how to create your own Memo templates in Google Docs. It’s your time to try this memo template in Google Docs!

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