Google Docs Journal Template

Google Docs Journal Template

When it comes to keeping a daily journal, Google Docs is an excellent option. Considering the number of notebooks I have purchased that are now collecting dust, I think I understand how I got here.

In any event, I’ve since abandoned my notebook hoarding ways and started taking advantage of the Google Docs journal template to jot down my woes, thoughts, dreams, and ideas that run in my mind every day.

Therefore this article will prove valuable to you, especially if you are looking to create a google docs journal template. So, let us not waste paper anymore!

But before we move forward, I want all of us to have a basic understanding of why Google docs journal templates are more powerful and why the majority of users globally prefer this.

When writing a research paper, it is critical to examine your formatting. Despite the fact that many of our journals have the same fundamental aspects of style, each journal might have its own set of formatting requirements.

The appearance of an article is affected when it is published online or in print. This is the point where a Google docs journal template comes into the picture.

In another way, you can save a lot and lot of time with a well-prepared Google docs journal template.

When you are crafting a document, you’ll most likely need to tailor your journal article so that it is ready to put forward. To make things more straightforward, the google docs journal templates can be the best fit to get rid of all your styling and formatting time!

How do you make a journal on Google Docs?

Below are some of the ways that help you create a Google Docs journal template.

Step 1: Create a new google document, Log into your Google account, and then go-to “Google apps,” select “Docs.”

How do you make a journal on Google Docs?

Step 2: Choosing “Blank Document” will allow you to start a new Google document.

How to make journal templates on Google Docs?

Step 3: After creating a new document, create your journal heading as a starting point for creating a customized template for your journal.

google docs journal template free

Step 4: Following the creation of the title, you will need to create a table of contents. For that, you need to go to “Insert” then select the “table of contents” option and choose the “with blue links” option.

How to create a journal on Google Docs?

Step 5: once the “Table of contents” option is enabled you can create content in listicles.

Step 6: To enable the blue links, add the page break and then add the text (relevant heading) then change the text format to heading.

google docs daily journal template

Step 7: Now go back to the page where you have enabled the “Table of contents” option and then click the “Update table of contents” feature.

Google docs journal templates

Step 8: Once the “Update table of contents” feature is clicked, the blue lines would be enabled in your table of contents on your Google Docs journal template.

editable journal template google docs

Step 9: Now you can start curating relevant text in your journal. In addition to that, you can change various font styles, add pictures, enable page numbers and you can even add hyperlinks in the event you need to connect to other portals (for reference).

You can also utilize this journal template to create other journal copies in the future.

 In this way, you can effectively create a tailor-made Google Doc journal template.

Why do you want to maintain a journal in Google Docs?

In today’s primarily digital, paperless environment, the concept of keeping a notebook may bring up images of teenage crushes or something you “used to do.” But why is that? The advantages of maintaining a diary get stronger as you get older. In reverse order, here are six excellent reasons to maintain a Google Docs journal.

  1. Improve your organizing abilities – Journals are organized. Starting and keeping a google docs journal template is one method to structure and manage your life, line by line — much like a journal’s lines and paragraphs.
  2. Keep track of your progress – Every person’s development and improvement depends in part on their progress. Is it true that you evolved into the person you are now overnight? Obviously not. When it comes to your significant life goals and personal aspirations, journaling can assist you in recognizing and tracking the things that are really essential to you. Slowly, but surely, progress is being made.
  3. Take time to remember who you were – Your journal serves as a record of your personal history, containing all of the experiences, decisions, and significant individuals that shaped you into the person you are now. Having a thorough and accurate personal history may be incredibly beneficial. You may prevent making the same error today by recalling what you were doing yesterday.
  4. Get creative with your ideas – Keeping a Google Docs journal might assist you in recording all of your thoughts on a given day. They may seem little at the time, but as you get older and dwell on them, they may become inspirational and even instructional. You never know if it will work, but it never hurts to try.
  5. Live a life that has meaning – A person’s sense of meaning is very subjective and different from another person’s. You may use your diary to keep track of your hopes and goals, as well as discover what is most important to you based on its format.
  6. Become a better writer – Increasing your writing skills through lots of writing is the most surefire method. You’ll find it easier if you maintain a diary, especially if you write every day. Furthermore, any creative ideas you capture in your daily notebook can be exploited and elaborated upon in the future.

The following are some common FAQs for people who don’t write journals but still enjoy having one.

To keep a journal, do you have to be an experienced writer?

Writing is merely a way to organize your thoughts. There is no need to be a writer or have any special skills to apply. Shorthand, code, or bullets are all acceptable formats to write your own journals. In addition, the purpose of journaling is to explore your mind – so if that is your thing, you will enjoy it.

Why should I keep a google docs business journal?

Your pace slows down when you’re writing. Google docs journal allows you to communicate with your subconscious and makes connections you wouldn’t otherwise make. When you use it for reflection and analysis, journaling becomes a form of meditation with certain strategic benefits.

It is also important to build up an archive of ideas, milestones, hopes, and visions to research and use when the time is right.

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Final thoughts:

For most people, writing in a journal a few times a week, such as every other day or 3-4 times a week, is an appropriate quantity. Journaling is a very personal activity that is done only for one’s own enjoyment. Writing journals is made as simple as possible with Google Docs journal template.