Certificate Template Google Docs

Certificate Template Google Docs

Are you looking for the best tool to design an amazing certificate template? You could definitely try Google Docs, which is an extraordinary tool for creating certificates. With the help of Google Docs, you can create attractive certificate templates, such as award certificates, sports certificates, Internship certificates, and more.

This article will walk you through some of the easy ways to create a certificate template in Google Docs.

How to create a certificate template in Google Docs?

Unfortunately, Google Docs doesn’t have any inbuilt templates for certificates. However, you can either create a certificate template from scratch in Google Docs using some styling tools or simply copy-paste the certificate templates available on the internet. 

How to create a certificate template in Google Docs from scratch?

To create a certificate template in Google Docs from scratch, follow the below steps.

1. Open Google Docs and sign in to your account.

2. Open a blank document in Google Docs in which you want to create a certificate template in Google Docs. 

3. You can now start creating certificate templates in Google Docs. To start with, navigate to the menu bar at the top of the screen, click ‘File’ > “page setup,” change the orientation to landscape, and leave all options the same to get a feel of the real certificate. You can adjust the different margins and page colors that suit your needs.

graduation certificate template google docs

4. Unlike Microsoft Word, there is no option to add borders directly in Google Docs. There are two different methods to create a borderline. 

  • One is Creating a border using the table. To do so, click ‘Insert’ in the menu bar and click “table-1×1”. Now drag the bottom line of the table down to adjust the size to fill the whole page. In the right corner of the table, there is a down arrow.   Select “Row 1. Column 3. Select Outer Borders” from the list. Click the table and adjust its size, color, and style. 
free certificate template google docs
  • The other one is adding your image as a border. You can find an existing border on the internet and then upload it in Google Docs. To do so, navigate to the menu bar and select ‘Insert’ > ‘Drawing’ > ‘New’. From the drawing tool that opens, upload your border using the ‘Image’ icon and click “Save & Close”. Adjust your border to fill the page of the certificate template. 

5. Next, you’ve got to consider the backbone of any certificate template: “The Font.” We can either use fonts that Google Docs provides or use an ‘add-on’ like “Extensis Fonts” to get access to more fonts.

6. Type the desired text and align it in the center of the “Certificate Template”. Ensure you have four line spaces so the text isn’t right at the top of the page. Use “Algreya SC” font with a font size of 36. Use Aquafina script font for the ‘of’ letter in “Certificate of Completion”. 

Note: Most generic certificates will use the first line to describe their purpose (e.g., Certificate of Appreciation, Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Achievement, etc.).

7. Leave at least two lines of space and then type the certificate that is being awarded or acknowledges the completion of a project and to whom it is being awarded. You can use the phrases “Acknowledging the completion of” or “Proudly Awarded to.” The Font size should be 18, and the font color should be black. The text should be bold and centered. 

Note: For a more attractive representation, you can also use the drawing tool to create a text box. To do so, go to ‘Insert’ in the menu bar and click ‘Drawing’ > ‘New’. Click on the ‘Text box’ icon at the top of the drawing tool to create a new text. Drag the text box to resize according to your certificate design. Rather than on the document, your text should be inserted in the drawing tool itself. Use “EB Garamond” and “Pinyon Script” fonts. Add-on fonts will not be available when we are using a drawing tool. Once the text is done, select “Save and Close”. Now, drag and place the text inside your certificate.

8. To create a horizontal line before the sign, go to the ‘Insert’ tab and click “New Drawing”. Once the drawing tool is open, click the line tool to create a horizontal line. Adjust the size of your line and place it at the bottom. 

9. Under the line, create a text box to mention the title of the person signing it. We can also create a text box on the top of the line and use a script font for your ‘signature’ or leave it blank and sign after the certificate has been printed. While using an image border, double-click on your image to reopen the draw tool and use the line tool to create a horizontal line.

Create a text box under the line for the title or the name for the signature. Once editing is done, click “save and close”.

10. The last step in creating certificate templates in Google Docs is adding your approved seal. This step is optional. If you want to use your company or Institution logo, select ‘insert’ from the menu bar and click “image—Upload from computer.” You may also use the “search from the web” option to find Google images.

Now, adjust the positioning of your seal. It may be on the center or right side of your template. When using an image border, double-click on your certificate to reopen the draw tool. Select the image button in the draw tool and upload your image or search from the web. Adjust the position of your image to fit into the certificate and click “save and close.

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And that’s it! In this way, you can create a beautiful certificate template in Google Docs and use it whenever you want. Now get your hands dirty by simply following the above steps!