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Google Docs Quiz Template

Do you want to share with a group of people right from the document you’re working on? The best way to do this is to use Google Docs to create quiz templates.

Even though Google Docs doesn’t have an inbuilt feature to create Quiz templates, there is some workaround like Google Forms to create Google Doc quiz template. You can play around and create unique and personalized quiz templates using Google Forms. In this article, I’ll explain how to create interactive Quiz templates in Google Docs using multiple-choice questions that are easily sharable, editable, and collaborative.

How to create a Google Docs Quiz Template?

You can easily create a Google Docs quiz template by creating a quiz template in Google Forms and then using that link in the document. You can either choose to create a quiz template from scratch or choose a template and edit accordingly.

How to create a Google Docs Quiz template from scratch?

This method can create a Google Docs test template from scratch. You can also choose multiple templates and edit the questions to get your quiz template. To create a Google Docs Quiz template from scratch using Google Forms, follow the below steps.

1. Open Google Docs and sign into your account. Then, open the document to which you want to add a quiz template.

2. From the top menu bar, click File > New and select ‘Form’ from the list of menus. This will open Google Forms in a separate tab. See the screenshot below for your reference.

test template google docs

Note: You can also open Google Forms and sign in to your account. Then, click on the ‘Blank’ option to create a quiz template.

3. Name the quiz template by typing in the placeholder “Untitled Form.” If you have a description of the form or instructions for the users, type it in the placeholder “Form description.” Check out the screenshot below.

google docs test template

4. Next, click on “Untitled Question” and type the desired questions you want to add to the quiz template.

5. You have several options to customize your quiz template. Below are the options.

  • Short Answer: You can choose “short answer” if you want to provide a small black space to fill in the answer to the question.
  • Paragraph:  You can choose “Paragraph” if you want to provide a large space to fill in the answer to the question.
  • Multiple Choice: This is the most prominent choice used for quiz templates. You can add multiple choices as answers to questions.
  • Checkboxes: Checkboxes are more similar to multiple choices but with the facility to check multiple options for the question.
  • Dropdown: It allows the user to select an option for the question from the dropdown menu, such as Country names.
  • File Upload: You can use this new option added to Google Docs that lets users upload docs such as resumes up to 1 GB file size.
  • Linear Scale: This lets users select a range.
  • Date and Time: You can use this option to let users select the date and time. 

The most prominent choice for the quiz template is the “Multiple Choice” option. You can give the type of the quiz as “Multiple Choice.” To do so, choose “Multiple choice” from the different options in the drop-down menu. Now, type the different options. Follow the screenshot below for your reference.

Google Docs Quiz Template

6. You can choose side menu options to format your quiz template. Below are special side menu options :

  • Add Questions (‘+’ icon): You can add another question and format it when needed.
  • Import Question: You can use this option to import another important question or add the same questions for the current quiz template.
  • Add Title and Description: You can add the title and description of the quiz templates in this section.
  • Add Image and Add Video: These buttons allow you to insert an image or video from any location using URL, YouTube, etc, directly to your form for better understanding.
  • Add Sections: You can have multiple parts of your questionnaire for assessment.

7. There might be some questions that you want your users not to skip and need to answer compulsorily. To mark questions mandatory, you need to click on the ‘Required’ switch. This will alert any user not to submit the form without answering the specified question.

8. Google Forms allows you to make your form much more attractive and interactive with formatting options. To format, click on the color palette icon at the top-right corner of the screen. A pop-up window will open on the right side of the window. You can add a header image, select the Theme Color, add Background Color, and choose Font Style from the list of options.

9. When you are done creating a Quiz template in Google Forms, you can preview it before sharing it with your Google Docs collaborators. To preview, click on the eye icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

10. You can also format the quiz template with more settings. In General Settings, you can choose to collect Email addresses, Limit responses, ask Respondents to edit the form after submitting, and “See summary charts and text responses.”

11. Now, click ‘Settings’ on the top-right corner of the screen. 

12. Now click on ‘Quizzes’ and enable the switch that says “Make this a quiz.”

13. Click on Save.

14. Then,, you can choose to send the form in multiple ways. You can add the recipient’s name, the subject, and a short message to send the Google form directly to people. To do so, click the ‘Send’ button at the top right of the screen.

15. In this screen, you can copy the URL of the Google form or even shorten it. You can then use it anywhere you wish to copy and paste. You can also embed the HTML tag given to your site to add the form. Moreover, you can add collaborators to view, edit, or comment on the form.

How to create a Google Docs quiz template using a Template?

This method is a very simple option for creating a Google Docs quiz template. You can use built-in templates available in Google Forms to quickly create a test template in Google Docs. If you have saved a Google form template before, it could be a lot easier for you to create a quiz template. To create a Google Docs quiz template using a Google Forms Template, follow the below steps.

1. Open Google Docs and sign into your account. Click File > New > Form.

2. You’ll be able to see some templates on the screen. You can view more templates by clicking the “Template Gallery” button in the right corner of the screen.

google doc test template

3. Select the quiz template that best suits your purpose. You can choose from multiple categories, such as Personal, Work, and Education.

4. Then, you can edit the name and the description for your quiz template.

5. Next, you can add questions for your quiz and go to the multiple-choice questions. Then, you can simply follow the steps mentioned in the above guide to edit the quiz template.

6. Once you’ve customized the template, click on ‘Settings’ on the top-right corner of the screen. Click on ‘Quizzes’ and enable the switch that says “Make this a quiz.” Click ‘Save’ to get your template saved as a quiz.

How to Manage Response from Google Docs quiz forms?

You can view the responses in your form in three ways: summary, Question, and Individual. To view all responses from Google Docs quiz forms, follow the below steps.

1. Open your Google Docs quiz template on Google Forms.

2. Click on Responses. Now, on the top-right corner, click on the Spreadsheet icon.

3. Select “Create Spreadsheet” and Click on ‘Create’.

4. A new spreadsheet linked to the Google Docs quiz template will be created with a table containing the questions and responses by every individual for the quiz. You can also select the response in a .csv file format from the three-dot drop-down menu.

Note: Once you are done collecting responses for your Quiz as much as you need, you can choose to disable the form or stop collecting the responses. To do so, Click on Responses > Switch off the toggle beside “Accepting responses.”

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Voila! It’s this much easier to create a Google Docs quiz template using Google Forms. Try it yourself by following the instructions in this article.

Hope you enjoyed this article !!!