Google docs newsletter template

Newsletters are excellent for sharing information on a large scale. Here is how you can create and send out a newsletter from Google Docs using the template available.

Most organizations rely on newsletters to put out the latest information about recent developments, change in technology, or other aspects of general periodic news. This is beneficial for those working in the organization to keep abreast of what’s new.

Furthermore, shareholders and benefactors can monitor the happenings of the organization.

Along with the organisational aspect newsletters are a great way to keep students involved and engaged in the happenings of their school or university. From an educational standpoint it boosts their leadership and execution skills by being part of a creative endeavor.

In a word processing program like Google Docs working on a Newsletter is very handy.

For Google Docs, the convenience of collaborators was always the main aim.

Hence, it becomes the best medium to work on a project.

It also saves the trouble of sending emails back and forth and the ordeal of keeping a track of all the versions of the file created.

Download Google Docs newsletter template

In order to create a newsletter in google Docs you need to first download the template.

For this access Google Drive from your internet browser and log in with the Gmail id you would like to use.

Once logged in on the top left corner a colourful cross will appear. This cross will help you add new files and folders to your Drive. Simply click the cross and a drop-down menu will open.

Select Google Docs which will prompt a side menu with two options Blank document and from a template

Google Drive > New > Google Docs > From a template

Google docs newsletter template
google docs newsletter template

If you already have a Google Docs open and you need to change from the blank mode to the one in which you use a template. Simply select the File option on the top left corner under the name of the document. This will open a drop-down menu with various options, select New. This menu opens a side menu to different applications that can be used like Google Document, From templates, Sheets, forms, etc. Select Document from Templates.

File > New > From Templates

google docs newsletter templates free
newsletter templates google docs

Installing the newsletter template in Google Docs

The from templates options opens a window with a number of template options. These templates are available to google users free of cost. They can be downloaded and used as many times as the user deems fit.

google docs newsletter template download
how to create a google docs newsletter

These templates range from Cvs to brochures to flyers and newsletters

Scroll through the templates to find the newsletter templates available.

In this particular search we see that there are three newsletter options available.

newsletter template google docs free
how to create google docs newsletter

Clicking on the template icon to select it. On doing so it will open as a new Google Docs.

newsletter format google docs
google doc newsletter template

Editing the news letter will require time and patience. We suggest have a rough idea of what goes where as well as rough content to begin with. Or you could choose to start from scratch and edit the entire document part by part.

Collaborating with other content creators

Working on google docs is convenient as it allows collaborations. In projects like putting together a newsletter, it becomes necessary to collaborate with other creators to have diverse views.

Once the design or the template of the newsletter is finalised. The file can be shared with others so that they can add text and pictures. This saves time and effort and also makes it easier as compared to sending the text and edits via email.

In order to share the newsletter, click on the share button on the top right corner of the screen close to your profile picture.

install newsletter template in Google Docs
newsletter template google docs

Alternatively, you could select the Send option available in the File menu on the top left corner.

File > Share

Download Google Docs newsletter template
google newsletter templates

On selecting the share option, a dialogue box will pop-up. This box contains details about how you would like to share the file.

There are two options to share, the first one includes adding the email ids of those you would like to share the document with. Once these ids are entered, the recipients will receive an email with a link and permission to edit the document.

The second option is where you generate a special link to the document, and all those who have the link can access and edit the document.

Google docs newsletter template

 There are specific settings however, where you can edit who can only view, edit, print or share the file.

Simply click the option that suits you the best. The Blue ticks on the left indicate selection of the particular option.

google docs newsletter templates free
free newsletter templates google docs

Once satisfied with the selection click Done for the email ids that are entered. In case you choose to have a link to the document, click copy link. This link can then be pasted in an email, or it can be sent as a text message or using messaging applications link whatsapp or telegram.

google docs newsletter template download
google docs newsletter templates

Sharing the Finished newsletter

Finally, when you are satisfied by how the newsletter looks after the Google docs template has been edited. You can share it with members of the organization, your college, or anyone on the recipient’s list.

Use the following methods to send newsletters

By copying the text and pasting it into a mail

In order to do that

Select all the text on the page by hitting Cltr + A on the keyboard.

Another way of doing it is by clicking on the first word of the text and dragging the mouse through the length of the document without lifting the click button.

After selecting the content, choose the Copy option in the Edit drop-down.

Edit > Copy

The newsletter text can be pasted in the body of the email by copying and pasting it in the mail.

newsletter template google docs free
google newsletter template

By using the Share option

Instead of copying and pasting the text it can be shared the same way you share it for collaborations. Just be sure you tick off the option that allows the person to make changes in the text.

This option can be a little trick as the link will have to be opened a number of times by different people. Which increases the chances of it getting corrupt.

We suggest you follow this option if the number of people you are sharing the newsletter with is less than ten.

By attaching it to an email

Use the steps below to emailed the file as an attachment .

In order to do that choose the Email as attachment from the file menu

File > Email as attachment

newsletter format google docs
google drive newsletter template

This will open a compose email option where you can add the text and the recipient details and hit send.

install newsletter template in Google Docs
google docs newsletter template free

Sharing the file by saving it as a PDF or EPUB

The safest option to send a news letter is by converting it into a PDF and sending it as an attachment.

To do this simply click the Save as PDF option in the Download tab in the File menu.

The newsletter can also be downloaded for circulation in the EPUB Format.

This is useful if, you would like to send it to e reader devices like the kindle.

Consequently, it can be said that creating and sending newsletters is beneficial for the reader as well as the organization. Hope this tutorial helped you understand better how to use the newsletter template in Google Docs.