Google Docs vs LibreOffice

Google Docs vs LibreOffice

Which is better Google Docs or LibreOffice? If you want to choose between Google Docs vs LibreOffice or LibreOffice vs Google Docs, continue reading this blog.

If you’ve decided to choose the appropriate writing and editing tool for your business, it is recommended that you have to analyze the services, plans, pricing, conditions, functions, advantages, disadvantages, etc. 

In this article, I’ve listed down all the similarities, differences, advantages, and disadvantages between Google Docs and LibreOffice.

Overview – Google Docs vs LibreOffice 

LibreOffice is a free and Open Source office suite, available for everyone to use, share and modify. LibreOffice is a successor to OpenOffice.This feature-rich business tool helps you to increase your productivity. LibreOffice has a lot of software including ‘Writer’ for word processing, ‘Calc’ for spreadsheets, ‘Impress’ for presentations, ‘Draw’ for vector graphics and flowcharts, ‘Base’ for databases, and ‘Math’ for formula editing.

Google Docs is an online, web-based office suite from Google which not only provides a word-processing option but is also associated with other online software such as Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Forms. With Google Docs, you can create and edit text documents right in your web browser and there is no need for any special software. This online word processor lets you create and format documents and also work with other people.

User satisfaction – Google Docs vs LibreOffice

Google Docs has an overall score of 8.5 and has 100% user satisfaction. Whereas LibreOffice has an overall score of 9.3 and 97% user satisfaction.

Pricing – Google Docs vs LibreOffice

Both Google Docs and LibreOffice are free to use. Both the word processors offer you a free version with a significant amount of storage. So when you’re making a choice between Google Docs vs LibreOffice, you don’t have to worry about the price and you can make your decision based on other factors listed below.

How to start – Google Docs vs LibreOffice

Since Google Docs is an online suite, you can either search for “Google Docs” in your web browser or directly go to the below links to start using Google docs. No download or installation is required.

Whereas, to use LibreOffice, you’ve to first download it. You can download LibreOffice from the link: You can either download LibreOffice7.0.6 or LibreOffice7.1.5 from this link. The latest Beta version  LibreOffice7.1.5 has all the new features but is not fully tested, like previous versions. You can also download the SDK and source code files from the same page if you need them.

Applications Offered – Google Docs vs LibreOffice

Applications offered by LibreOffice are            

  • Writer (word processing)
  • Calc (spreadsheets)
  • Impress (presentations)
  • Draw (vector graphics and flowcharts)
  • Base (databases)
  • Math (formula editing)

Applications offered by Google Docs are

  • Google Docs (word processing)
  • Google Sheets (spreadsheets)
  • Google Slides  (presentations)
  • Google Forms (Forms)

Languages supported – Google Docs vs LibreOffice

You can easily change the language on Google Docs and select from one of the more than 100 languages including across the various Google apps.

LibreOffice is also available in 115 languages

Supported Operating systems – Google Docs vs LibreOffice

Google Docs works flawlessly on various operating systems and web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Windows ), and Safari (Mac). With limited features, Google Docs also works on other browsers. Further, you can also download Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google slides applications on Android devices from Play Store and on iPhone/iPad devices from App Store. 

Libre Office’s latest version can be installed on some specific Operating Systems such as Linux x64 (deb), Linux x64 (rpm), macOS x86_64 (10.10 or newer), Windows 10, and Windows x86_64 (Windows 7 or newer). You can check the requirement before installation on the download page itself.

Compatibility with other formats – Google Docs vs LibreOffice

You can save files created in both LibreOffice and Google docs in other formats like Microsoft Word (*.docx), Excel (*.xlsx), Powerpoint (*.pptx), Open Document Format, and PDF.

Support – Google Docs vs LibreOffice

Google Docs offer an easy way to contact for any support or queries. You can visit to get your queries answered or get support.

Whereas, Libreoffice does not provide professional support services. However, you can visit for community support.

Collaboration – Google Docs vs LibreOffice

Google Docs is best known for its easy sharing option that lets collaborators view, comment, and edit on the Google Docs document simultaneously. Multiple users can work on the same document with different privileges to users called “Editor“, “Commenter” and  “Viewer”. Also, any changes made to the document can be tracked by the user.

Whereas, LibreOffice doesn’t allow you to share and collaborate with multiple users.

Even though there are a lot of common features between LibreOffice and Google Docs, but they vary a lot in terms of how you can use them. To help you to choose between these two, I’ve listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of Google Docs and LibreOffice below.

Key advantages of Google Docs

  • Google Docs – Increased collaboration

If you want to simplify project management and increase productivity, then Google Docs is the perfect choice for you. From business to school, it is much easier for people (the collaborators) to work together on a document simultaneously.  

  • Google Docs – Autosaving 

 You don’t want to worry about forgetting to hit the save button before you turn off your device. Google Docs automatically saves after every edit. Autosaving works by sending the changes to Google Drive periodically. Auto-saving works in the background and you can continue editing the map while the operation is in progress. You can also retrieve a previous version of your document in case anything went wrong.

  • Google Docs – Comments

You can add comments very easily right in the document and can even include voice memos.

  • Google Docs – Plans

Google Docs is free to use with a good amount of initial storage.

  • Google Docs – File formats

You can download various formats of your Google Docs document such as Microsoft Word(.docx), OpenDocument format(.odt), Rich Text Format(.rdt), PDF document(.pdf), Plain Text(.txt), Webpage(.html, zipped), and EPUB Publication(.epub). 

Disadvantages of Google Docs

  • There is no existing option or straightway to add columns in Google Docs.
  • You may encounter some formatting issues when uploading word documents.
  • Offline work in Google Docs can be tricky unless you follow all of the steps correctly.

Advantages of LibreOffice

  • LibreOfficeFree – Plans

LibreOffice can be installed and used for free on any computer, Chromebooks, or PC.

  • LibreOffice – System requirements

There is no electronic activation or periodic license renewal required for LibreOffice. You can just install it and use it as you like and there is no need for a network connection.

  • LibreOffice – Interface

LibreOffice has a simple and flexible interface. LibreOffice looks and feels a lot like Word, which is the most seen and used interface of all time. 

  • LibreOffice – Word file

You can open word files and work with them in LibreOffice easily.

Disadvantages of LibreOffice

  • The collaborative edition is not at all possible in LibreOffice
  • You have to save files regularly and these saves are tied to your computer (Unless you use Dropbox or any other cloud service).

A quick comparison – Google docs vs Libreoffice 

Google Docs Office suiteLibre Office suite
Free to use Open Source and free to use 
For both commercial and non-commercial purposesFor both commercial and non-commercial purposes
No software download or installation requiredSofware installation on PC or Laptop is required
No support for ThemesSupport for Themes
Internet is required No Internet required
Can be used offlineCan be used offline
Android and IoS supportedAndroid and IoS are not supported
Can be shared easily between multiple users.Either send via email or need to keep on share portal/cloud for multiple user access
Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Forms are available in the Google docs suite.Draw, Base, Math, Writer, Calc, and Impress are in the LibreOffice suite.
Has automatically-generated document mapsAutomatically-generated document maps are not supported
Google Docs can run on web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and SafariLibre office can’t run on the web browsers
Compatible with Microsoft office products with limited featuresCompatible with Microsoft office products with limited features
Export to HTML is not supportedExport to HTML
Professional support.No professional support
Has Autosave logDoesn’t have an Autosave log
Multiple Font ColorsLimited font colors
End-to-End EncryptionEnd-to-End Encryption is not available
Built-in PDF converterNot available

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