How to make a newspaper on Google Docs

How to make a newspaper on Google Docs

Are you looking to attract readership and optimize the newspaper’s effectiveness in presenting information using Google Docs? Google Docs newspaper template could help you build professional and beautiful newspaper designs.

How to make a newspaper on Google Docs

Google Docs newspaper template could help if you want to create a newspaper that would appeal creatively and be customizable according to your requirements. Read the article further to know more about the Google Docs newspaper template.

How to create newspaper template in Google Docs

Follow the steps below to create a newspaper template in Google Docs quickly.

1. Open Google Docs on your computer and sign in to your account. 

2. At the top right of the window, click on “Template Gallery”. 

how to make a google doc look like a newspaper

3. Navigate to the ‘Work’ section.

4. Find the newsletter templates and choose from the “Newsletter Geometric”,  “Newsletter Lively”, or “Newspaper Plum” templates. These Google Docs newspaper templates provide predefined layouts, different columns, fonts, colors, and more.

google docs newspaper template

5. Once you choose your desired template, click on it. 

A copy will be opened for you to use. You can customize your Google Docs newspaper template now. 

Google Docs newspaper templates are available Online

There are numerous options to build your Google Docs newspaper. There are different websites available online that provide free Google Docs newspaper templates that you can edit and customize. 

You can just google for “Google Docs free newspaper templates” on your browser and find the websites that offer free Google Docs newspaper templates. You don’t require any font or software installation to use those Google Docs newspaper templates.

These Google Docs newspaper templates will allow you to make a newspaper in Google Docs.


Why do you need a Google Docs newspaper template?

Google docs newspaper is highly recommended for education, business, organization, and other platforms. Creating or designing your own newsletter in Google Docs may take some time. You must insert text boxes and images from scratch and align them independently. Indenting and aligning them can cause you a lot of effort and take up much of your time.

So, you might need to use the already-made newspaper article template. The Google Docs newspaper template allows you to create a newsletter in a few minutes. All you need to do is replace the text and image in the template. Let’s look at how to open the Google Docs newspaper template and customize it according to your requirements.

How to create a New York Times newspaper Template in Google Docs

Websites like Dribble offer the New York Times newspaper template in Google Docs. You can download this newspaper template for Google Docs, edit and print it, or use digital form.

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Voila! Save your valuable time by following the above tips using the Google Docs newspaper template to make a Google Doc look like a newspaper.