Google Docs Typewriter Fonts

Google Docs Typewriter Fonts

There is a lot to consider when it comes to writing. Out of these, the most essential one is font. It takes place when you are a blogger, writer, and eLearning. Do you know that Google Docs has a lot of fonts?

Google has more fonts that can make your document a pleasure to read and write. If you’re using Google Docs you may know that it employs the “Arial” typeface by default. However, there are a lot of alternatives offered by Google fonts that give you similar professional flair and readability.

Often you might have this question: “Is there any typewriter font in Google Docs? “ And the answer is “Yes.” It has some inbuilt typewriter fonts such as Courier prime, Cutive Mono, Lekton, Special Elite.

This article will walk you through some classics as well as some underrated typewriter fonts. And how to add some more typewriter fonts in Google Docs by using various add ons.

Free typewriter fonts in Google Docs

Typewriter fonts are just fabulous. They add a charming retro vibe to projects and let your imagination run wild to detective stories and super-secret documents from the ’60s. When using typewriter fonts the readability is better at bigger sizes. Below is the list of the inbuilt typewriter fonts available in Google Docs.

  • Special Elite
  • Courier Prime
  • Cutive Mono
  • Lekton 

Let’s look at each of them in detail.

1. Special Elite

Free typewriter fonts in Google Docs

Special elite represents the smith corona special elite type number NR6 and Remington Noiseless typewriter models. It gives you a vintage typewriter typeface for your website and designs.

  • Language support: Latin
  • Styles: 1 weight (Regular)

2. Courier Prime

Free typewriter fonts Google Docs

Courier prime was designed by Haward Kettler in 1956. It is a monospaced family, designed especially for screenplays. The serifs are crisper and less rounded. The counters are finely wider. The bold weight is darker and the italics are cursive.

  • Language support: Latin Extended
  • Styles:  4 styles(Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic)

3. Cutive Mono

Google Docs Free typewriter fonts

Cutive Mono is based on a number of classic typewriter typefaces, in particular the faces of IBM’s ‘Executive ‘and the older ‘smith premier. It is useful for adding characters to body texts as well as in larger sizes for headers and display. Good clarity even at smaller sizes.

  • Language support: Latin, Latin Extended
  • Styles: 1(Regular)

4. Lekton 

Google Docs Free typewriter font

Lekton is designed at ISIA Urbino and is inspired by some of the typefaces used on the Olivetti typewriter. The glyphs are tri-spaced. It means that the space is 250,500,750 modular. This allows a better spacing between characters, and also allows a vertical alignment similar to the one possible with a monospaced font.

  • Language: Latin Extended
  • Styles: 3 styles(Regular, Italic, Bold)

The above are some typewriter fonts that are available in Google Docs. But you can add fonts to Google in various ways. Let’s dive deep into this article to know how to add fonts to Google Docs in different ways?

Use add-ons to add typewriter fonts to Google Docs

We can use add-ons to add external fonts to Google Docs. This extension font lets you add over 900 fonts to Google Docs. 

How to use add-ons to add typewriter fonts to Google Docs?

First, you need to install and integrate it with your account which can be done with the following steps.

Step 1: Open Google in the browser and sign in to your account. On the right corner, you will find the Google apps. Click “Docs” and Google Docs is opened now

Step 2Create a new document. Select the Add-ons menu at the menu bar and click Get add-ons.

Step 3:  Now you will see “G Suite Marketplace” offering more add-ons to use with Google Docs. Now type Extensis Fonts in the search field. Click only Extensis fonts add-on.

Step 4:  Now you are able to install buttons in blue color. 

Step 5: To install the “Extensis Fonts” add-on in your Google Docs account. Select continue in the prompt. Choose your Google account to use this add-on.

Step 6: Review data sharing information for the add-on and click allow. Now you’re ready to use the add-on.

Step 7: Get back to your Google Docs. Click on the ‘Add-ons’ tab. A menu will open showing ‘Extensis Fonts’. Click on the option to select “start.” 

Step 8: You can filter and sort the list of fonts from the panel. Now click “show” and select one font. Click on the “sort” option to see the different ways of sorting your fonts.

Step 9: At the bottom of the panel you will see an option for adjusting the size of your font. If you want you can adjust as well.

Step 10: Now you have to select the text for which you want to apply the font. If you want to select all the text press “Ctrl+A.” To apply the font, click on a font of your choice.

Now you can access fonts from the Extensis fonts add-on which is available in Google Docs.

How to add fonts to Google Docs using the “Extensive List” available?

The Font picker on Google Docs has only a limited number of fonts but you can use more fonts by expanding the fonts menu. The easiest way to add new fonts to Google Docs is to access the extensive list that is available in the application. Then follow these steps:

Step 1:  Open your existing document or create a new document with Google Docs.

Step 2:  Click the font picker arrow -> select -> “more fonts.” Then you will see a new window.

Step 3:  Now you can see a number of fonts that weren’t available in the font picker. You can search your favorite font by typing their names.

Step 4: Scroll through the list. You may find a font that is blue colored and has a checkmark then it is already in your font list. Any font colored black is not on your list.

Step 5: Click on various options at the tops to sort fonts by scripts, font types, and various sorting orders which make your finding easier.

Step 6: Once you find your font click “ok” to close the fonts dialog box and now your selected font will be used in your current Google Docs

Google Docs let you keep a list of your favorite fonts in that more fonts. Now you can easily access your favorite fonts by using the above steps.

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Hope you find out what the typewriter font is in Google Docs and how to add fonts to Google Docs by the easiest way. Now it’s your time to try the above steps in Google Docs!

In this article, we have discussed the below topics

  • Google Docs Typewriter Fonts
  • Free typewriter fonts in Google Docs
  • Use add-ons to add typewriter fonts to Google Docs
  • How to use add-ons to add typewriter fonts to Google Docs?
  • How to add fonts to Google Docs using the “Extensive List” available?