Google docs vertical text

This tutorial will take you through the process of adding Vertical text in Google Docs. Google Docs which is a collaboration tool for students and professionals alike, has various tools available to better the sharing experience.

For example, while collaborating on projects you might feel the need to add to the aesthetics of the document. Changing the color of the text, inserting diagrams or pictures, or changing the alignment of the text can help with this. To add to these there is another feature where you can add text Vertically. Below Video tutorial on how to make vertical text in Google Docs can give you better clarity.

How to make text vertical in Google Docs

The vertical text needs to be added separately in Google Docs. This is because there is no vertical font available. In order to do that you will have to choose the drawing tool. For that, on the toolbar of Google Docs, you are working on locating Insert then simply choose the Drawing option and click on New.

Mostly, in the format for the resume, we use to make the text vertically sideways in Google Docs, and that makes the resume more effective.

We will discuss here 2 simple approaches to achieve this.

Approach-1: Using the Drawing tool

The below steps will help you to align text vertically in Google Docs by using the Drawing tool.

Insert > Drawing > New

Google docs vertical text

An editing window will pop up as you select the new drawing option. This window will help create the Vertical Text in your Google Docs. In order to do that you need to first insert a text box.

A text box can be inserted by selecting the Insert Text Box option. This is the one with the symbol T within a Blue Box.

After selecting this option, you will be able to draw a text box in the editor. Simply left-click on the place you want to start drawing and move the mouse without lifting the button. You should have a rectangular blue box that looks something like this.

google docs center text vertically

This Blue box can accommodate text. Once you have the text box ready click within the rectangle and you will have a blinking cursor. That’s where the text you type will appear. Fill in the desired text and resize the textbox for the best results.

Resizing the text box can be done by moving your cursor to the borders of the box and dragging the edges without lifting the left mouse button. After this step is complete you will have something looking like this.

google docs make text vertical

Note: Resize the text box before inserting it into the document. The alignment will be an issue if not done.

Formatting the text

After editing the text and seeing that the text box is in proportion with the text. It’s time to format the text. There are a lot of options available right from the color of the text to the font size and type. You could center-align the text in the text box to make it more appealing. There are other alignment options available as well if required.

There is also an undo and redo option available, in case you need to use it.

google docs vertical align text

Once you are happy with the way the text looks. It’s time to flip it so that it’s aligned vertically. In order to do that click on the text box. It will get highlighted and a tiny blue dot will appear on the top. This blue dot will help rotate the text box. Simply click on it and without releasing the mouse button move the box around.

google docs sideways text

If you are happy with the way it has turned out, click save and close. This will close the editing box and your vertical text will appear on the Google document.

how to add vertical text in google docs

Editing Vertical text in the Google Doc

In the document, the text can be moved around and re-edited based on how it looks with other text. Just click the Edit button on the bottom of the text and editing options will open in a tab next to the document. To make the Vertical Text look like part of the document use the text wrapping option available. Changing the dimensions of the text is also an option.

how to edit vertical text in google docs

By clicking the X button on the editor, you can get rid of the editing options. This will leave you with vertical text in your Google Docs ready to be shared. Google Docs can be shared via Email.

Approach-2: Using a Table

Well, let’s discuss how to make text vertical in Google Docs table. Just follow the below steps.

  1. Open your Google Docs document.
  2. Click on the Insert menu –> Select table –> Choose 1 X the number of rows based on the number of characters your text contains. For example, the text I have is having 5 characters so I have chosen here 1 X 5.
how to make text vertical in Google Docs table

3. Enter or type the characters on each row of the table as shown below.

how to change text to vertical in google docs

4. Now, right-click anywhere on the table and select the Table Properties option.

how to do vertical text in google docs

5. On the Table properties window, expand the Color node, Choose 0 pt from the table border width drop-down like below.

how to turn text vertical in google docs

Now, you have created the vertical text in your Google Docs document successfully.

how to add vertical text in google docs

How to rotate a text on google docs

Directly, you can’t able to rotate a text on google docs. But, it’s possible using the below steps. You can also check out the below video tutorial for better clarity.

Step-1: Click on the Insert option and then select the Drawing option and then click on the + New button as highlighted below.

How to rotate text on google docs

Step-2: On the Drawing window, click on the Text box option as highlighted below and then write the needed text below you can rotate the text box along with the text by dragging the below highlighted “handle” that is the circular dot above the exact center of the text until you like the angle or position of the text. 

Finally, click on the save and close button to save the changes.

How to rotate a text on google docs

We are sure this tutorial was helpful and you have the idea now to write sideways in Google Docs. You can also check out other tutorial blogs about Google Docs and its functions: