Google Drive Files Missing

Google Drive Files Missing

There are certain scenarios, where the files might go missing.

  • If the parent folder that contains your file accidentally got deleted and the file becomes become “orphaned”.
  • Sometimes, accidentally if you will press the wrong key, the file might be relocated to a different folder.

Now the question that comes to our mind is How do I find missing files in Google Drive? or How do I recover a lost folder in Google Drive?.

Google Drive Files Missing

Below are some quick approaches that might help you to get your missing files or Folders back in Google Drive.

Approach-1: Check Out the Activity Window

This is one of the initial checks you should perform. It will show you all the activities that you have performed for instance any file you have created or Deleted, etc.

Follow the below steps to check out the details on your activity panel.

  1. Navigate to My Drive and log in with your Google account.
  2. Click on the View Details icon from the top right corner –> Select the Activity Tab.
How do I find missing files in Google Drive

3. Scroll Down and locate your missing file.

If you still didn’t get your missing file back in Google Drive, you can try out the next steps.

Approach-2: Use Incognito Mode

If you are using the Google Chrome browser, the basic step is to try opening your Google Chrome in incognito mode.

There might be some issue with the browser cache and with Incognito mode, you might see your file back on your Drive.

Note: Make sure to close all other tabs or Browsers.

  1. Open the Google Chrome Browser with Incognito mode.
Google Drive Files Missing Solution

2. Navigate to My Drive and log in with your Google account.

3. Now, check your missing files. There is a maximum chance you will find your files back.

Approach – 3: Check Out The Trash Folder

There might be a chance, accidentally, you might have deleted your file in Google Drive, So just verify the Trash folder on your Google drive to ensure that the file exists there.

  1. Navigate to the Trash in Google Drive.
  2. Click on Trash –> Right-click on the File –> Select Restore option.
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Approach – 4: Try Using A Different Browser

Try using a different browser, there might be some issues with your regular browser.

  1. Open a different browser Go to My Drive and log in with your Google account
  2. In My Drive, Check out your missing files.

Approach – 5: Talk To Google Drive Support Team

If you still, didn’t get your missing file in your Google Drive, nothing to worry about. Talk to the Google Drive Support Team. They will help you with this.

  1. Go to the Google Drive Support page.
  2. If you will scroll a bit down, you will see the two options below. Click on the Contact us option.
How To Recover Unsaved file Google Docs

3. Search for missing file –> Click Next step –> Select Others –> Click Next step –> Choose your preferred contact options.

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Voila! These are the approaches you need to follow to get your Google Drive missing Files back. Thanks for reading this article !!!