How to make multiple columns in Google Docs

Adding multiple columns to your documents in Google Docs using formatting options is limited to 3 columns. The default column formatting options have “Three columns” as the maximum number of columns, which is excellent enough for making newsletters, pamphlets, and brochures.

How to make multiple columns in Google Docs

To Create three columns in Google Docs,

  1. First, highlight the text that you want to split up into columns.
  2. Go to the Google Docs menu bar and click Format.
  3. In the Format menu, hover over Columns, then click the three columns icon on the right.
How to make 3 columns in Google Docs

When you click on this “three columns” icon, the selected text will be split into three columns.

    This is how we can add columns in Google Docs, especially multiple columns.

    Add Multiple Columns In Google Docs using the table

    Using a table to add multiple columns in Google Docs is the best workaround to create more columns in Google Docs.

    When you create multiple columns using a table, you have to type or paste the text, format it to eliminate the table border, and set where the text sits in the table.

    To add multiple columns in Google Docs using a table,

    1. Click Insert and hover over the table to choose the number of columns.
    2. Once you choose the number of columns, click on it.
    3. Type or paste the content.
    4. To take out the table outline, right-click anywhere in the table, and select “Table properties”.
    5. The “Table Properties” dialog box will open. 
    6.  Click the 1 pt dropdown under the Table border and select 0 pt. Check out the below screenshot for your reference.
    how to make three columns in google docs

    7. Once done, click “OK”.

    • This will remove the border around the table, making it look like the Doc has multiple columns.
    • You can also remove the table border by changing the table color to “white’.
    how to make columns in google docs
    • Your text won’t automatically move from one column to the next. You must copy and paste it to the next column. 

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