How to insert signature (E sign) in Google docs

Adding your signature to a document adds a different flair to it. There are various reasons why you would want to add a signature to your google docs. It could include professionalism, this can be for business communication; legality or just to add a hint of YOU to what you’ve written. So how to insert a signature (E sign) in google docs?

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A personal touch to your document could come in by simply adding your name at the bottom. You can do this by choosing different font options available. You can add a little style and pomp by using a font like Pacifico which is a nice cursive font.

insert signature in google docs

Insert signature (E sign) in Google docs

By adding a Signature to the document, on the other hand, would mean taking personalization to the next level. And what better than a handwritten signature. There are a few ways in which you can add a signature to your google doc.

The Built in Drawing Tool

There is an option available in Google Docs where you can simply use the drawing tool and add your signature to the document.

For this you need to first click on the place you want your signature to appear and then click Insert > Drawing > New

how to add signature in google docs app

Once you click on New you will have a popup screen that should look like this

how do i add a signature line in google docs?

Once you have the editing screen open you have two options
either you type in your name by using the Text box option

or you manually draw the signature using the following steps.

How do you sign a Google Doc?

Click on line and you will get a drop-down menu choose scribble Line > Scribble

How do I add a signature line in Google Docs?

Once you click on Scribble you will be able to draw on the canvas.

Note: Getting your signature to look perfect will take a few attempts. It will be easier with a touch screen device as you can draw directly on the screen using a stylus. You could also use a mouse or the touch pad of your laptop . But it may not look as good.  

The signature can be drawn in parts. You will know the latest ones as they will have a blue tint to it. You could use the undo and redo options to perfect the signature. There are also editing options available where you can change the weight and colour of the signature.

How do I insert an electronic signature into a Google Doc?

Once you are satisfied with how the signature looks, save and close the editor.

Save and Close – the blue button on the top right corner of the screen.

After the signature is ready its time to insert in into the document

The signature is saved on the cloud when the editing canvas is shut . It appears on the document right where the cursor is.

How to Add a Signature to Google Docs Online Documents

Note that the E Sign will be rather big as compares to rest of the text. To fix this u will need to resize the image.

Resizing an image in google docs is simple. Simply hover the cursor over the edges of the image and click. You will see that the border of the image changes to a blue border with squares on corners and middle. You can resize the image using these squares.

Left Click the square > move the square inwards while keeping the mouse pressed this will reduce the size.

how to add a signature line in google docs

Google will save your signature with these simple steps. You can then insert it in google docs whenever required.

Installing an Add on

Add-ons make it easier to add e signs as compared to other methods. Simply install the add on and create a signature.

There are quite a few add-ons available. You will have to try a few and decide which one is the best suited for your needs.

DocuSign, ScripTouchDotted: Signature Creator, HelloSign, BitSign, PandaDoc, PDFfiller, Signature, Signaturit, SignRequest for Google Docs, and SignOnline are some of the add ons available.

To install an add on click

Add-ons (in the tool bar) > Get add-ons.

how to add a signature line in google docs

Simply type in Signature in the search bar and you will find all the add ons to choose from.

how to create a signature line in google docs

To install an add on

Click on the add on you would like to install and choose the install option

google docs docusign

Most add-ons are free. But you have only a limited number of signatures you can add as part of the free version. After which you will need to buy it. The limit is generally 3 signatures which is more than enough. But if you require more you could easily purchase the add on.

Inserting an image

Another option is by manually drawing the signature and uploading it. This can be done easily by scanning signatures drawn on a blank sheet of paper.

Tip: Use different pens, experiment with colours and nib thickness on the same sheet before scanning. This way you can choose which one looks the best after scanning as the quality will drop.

Once the image is scanned it can either be uploaded on drive or used directly from the computer.

google docs signature

You can use the option that suits your needs best in order to insert a signature (E sign) in Google Docs.

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