How to do strikethrough on Google Docs

How to use Google docs strikethrough

Adding strikethrough in Word is fairly simple. It’s on the top left with the other Font options. Have u ever wondered if adding strikethrough to your Google Docs was possible?

  • To Strikethrough a Text In Google Docs, Highlight the text –> Click Format –> Text –> Choose Strikethrough.
  • Google Docs Strikethrough Shortcut: Use Alt + Shift + 5 ( For Windows) and ⌘ + Shift + X ( For Mac).

This tutorial will explain in detail what a strikethrough is and how it can be added to any Google docs with ease.

What is Strikethrough Text Google Docs

Google Docs as you know it is an excellent collaborative tool. This makes it easier to proofread documents and work on projects together with others. Strikethrough in Google docs is a great way to edit documents by striking out and replacing text with alternative text ideas.

Strikethrough is denoted by the symbol S with a line passing through it

Google docs strikethrough

In Google docs it is located in the Formatting section

Format > Text > Strikethrough or Alt + Shift + 5

How to do strikethrough on Google Docs

Here are a few ways to use strikethrough in Google Docs

  • It is used to make recommendations of the deletion of text as part of the editing process.
  • In a more modern outlook, it is used to pass a sassy or snide remark. It is used ironically.
  • In legal documents or in a historical context of documents, striking through is particularly important to understand the number of revisions made.
  • To make a list of things to be done or points to be added to an article and then cross them when the task is completed.

There are 3 ways in which you can use the strikethrough option

The first one includes selecting the tool from the toolbar and the second one is a keyboard shortcut that is particularly useful when you have a lot of text to cover and don’t have the time to go back and forth looking for the option.

Approach-1: Using the tool bar

Open the google docs you want to edit by logging into Google Drive

In order to strikethrough a particular word or sentence, it needs to be highlighted. Here we have taken two sentences that need to be edited to form one sentence.

how to use Google docs strikethrough

To highlight simply double-click (Left) the word or drag through the sentence without lifting the left click. By doing this we see that the entire sentence is highlighted.

how to strikethrough on google docs

Now that the text is highlighted select Format in the Toolbar

Clicking Format will open a drop-down menu

Select Text

The side menu will contain different editing options Select Strikethrough.

google docs strikethrough shortcut

After clicking strikethrough u will be left with the text still highlighted but it will have a line running across.

how to cross out text in google docs

You can then make the desired changes.

how to strikethrough google docs

Open document > select text > Format > Text > Strikethrough

This method is fairly simple but time-consuming. If you are editing a lengthy document and need to keep repeating the process, it can be rather time-consuming. But, there is also a simpler way of doing it.

Approach-2: Using Google Docs Strikethrough Shortcut

The Strikethrough tool can be used by simply using a combination of keys on the keyboard.

This not only makes the task faster but it saves a lot of effort. For this

  • You need to open the Google docs from the drive folder.
  • The highlighting process remains the same but instead of using the mouse it can also be done using the shift key along with the arrow keys to move around the document.
  • Keep the Shift Key pressed for multiple selections.
  • After the text is selected use Alt + Shift + 5 for Windows and Linux systems and Command + Shift + X for Mac.
  • The text highlighted will have a line across it.
  • For Windows & Linux: Open document > select text > Alt + Shift + 5
  • For Mac: Open document > select text > Command + Shift + X

Note: You need to deselect the option if you are striking through text as you type. To select repeat the steps again, like you would do while using Bold or Underline.

How to strikethrough on Google Docs from your phone

Strikethrough can be inserted from both iOS as well as Android devices. Be sure to install Google Drive on these devices to access the files. Android devices come pre-equipped with programs offered by Google. These need to be downloaded from the Apple store and is available as an all one download by the name Google Suit.

To add strike through to a text the document needs to be accessed from the drive. after the document is located open it and highlight the text you would like to strike through.

Format > Text > Strikethrough

To delete or remove strikethrough you need to select the text and then select the same option

Format > Text > Strikethrough

With these steps, you can now strike through text in a Google Document by using either the toolbar or the keyboard. You can also undo or delete it as easily as you added it to the text. Using strike-through is also possible on both Android and iOS devices.

Instead of typing the text Google Docs also offers the option to speak into the microphone while the text is typed automatically using Voice Typing.


How To Change Strikethrough Color In Google Docs

Answer: As of now, this feature is not available in Google Docs.

How to double strikethrough in Google Docs

Double Strikethrough is used in Microsoft word along with the traditional striking through of the text. Unfortunately, this feature is still not available in Google Docs. We will need to wait for future updates for this feature to be added as part of the editing tools in docs.

Wrapping Up

Well, we concluded that it’s easy to use Google docs strikethrough. Now, it’s your turn to Strikethrough text in Google Docs using the above instructions.

Hope You have enjoyed this article !!!

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