How to lock or protect Google docs with password

Google Docs is a very powerful real-time collaborator that allows multiple users to edit a document simultaneously while seeing each others’ changes instantaneously. For any collaboration tool, document security is important since information may be misused in multiple harmful ways. That’s why it is essential to lock or protect Google Docs with a password.

Protecting a Google Docs document will help to block hackers or unauthorized people from accessing your information. Let’s dive deep to know how to lock or protect Google Docs with a password.

How to Password Protect Google Docs?

Password protection is not currently supported for Google Docs. Your Google Docs documents are protected by your account password only.

As long as you don’t share your Google account password, there is not any way that someone else can access all of your Google Docs documents

Don’t share your Google Docs document with anyone

  • If you don’t want anyone to publicly access your Google Docs file, stop publishing the Google Docs file.
  • You can also restrict Google Docs file-sharing by using a “restricted” sharing option. This ensures only people added can open with this link

But what if you want to password-protect a Google Docs document only?

Password protect for google documents add-on

  • Password protect for google documents add-on allows you to create a password-protected Google Docs document. 
  • This add-on in the G-suite marketplace allows you to create a password-protected PDF document for Google Documents. You can share this Google Docs file with others directly. Only people who know the password for the Google Docs document can view the document. Simple and easy to use.
  • This add-on is absolutely free for those who want to create password-protected Google Docs documents.
Password protect for google documents add-on

How can I protect my Google Docs with a password?

Google Drive is the safest place to store your Google Docs since you have to log into your Google account to access your Google Docs document. However, this security measure alone will not guarantee to lock text in Google Docs.

If anyone else uses your computer or phone, they may also access your Google account just like you do and reach your Google Docs documents.

That’s why you need a secret password for your Google Docs document to protect it. Protecting your Google Docs in Google Drive is possible with PDFelement since it ensures that your information remains unreachable even when another person accesses your Google account.

PDFelement is a powerful tool that guarantees you protected Google Docs files in Google Drive. You can create the most secure password to lock text in Google Docs which makes it easy to password-protect Google Docs documents.

Tools to password protect Google Docs — PDFelement

PDFelement is a powerful security tool that allows you to password-protect your Google Docs document.

  • To password-protect Google Docs, first, download your Google Docs document.
  • Once done, open PDFelement and import the downloaded Google Docs document into it.
  • To import, select “Open File” and choose the downloaded Google Docs that require a password.
  • To add a password to protect the document, you should first access the encryption options.
  • Click the “Protect” tab and choose the “Password” function. This will activate the window for Password Security.
  • Choose “Require a password to open the document” and create the password of your choice to protect the downloaded Google Docs document. 
  • Re-enter the password for confirmation and click ‘ok’ to complete the process of protecting the Google Docs document.
  • Now upload the password-protected Google Docs file to Google Drive.

The password protection and redaction of PDFelement guarantee that you can better password-protect your Google Docs document.

Key features :

  • Approve Google Docs documents by signing digitally
  • Unlock image texts using OCR

How to lock or protect Google Docs with password – Encryption?

If you want to keep your Google Docs files safe from prying eyes, encryption is the best way. There are several ways and workarounds you can try to keep your Google Docs documents protected with a password.

Secure File Encryption Drive add-on

One of the best ways to lock and protect your Google Docs document’s sensitive data with a password is to upload your Google Docs files with encryption and then require a password for future access. With a secure file encryption add-on, you can securely store private files in your Google Drive.

Secure File Encryption add-on provides bank-grade AES256 encryption to protect your Google Docs files stored on Google Drive. This add-on ensures no unencrypted data ever leaves your own computer. This add-on uses great browser support from Google Chrome to encrypt your Google Docs files on the fly as they are uploaded to Google Drive and decrypt them during download. There are no size limits to the Google Docs files you can upload.

How to password protect your Google Docs using the Secure File Encryption add-on?

  • To password-protect your Google Docs using the Secure File Encryption add-on, first, you have to install the add-on.
  • Go to the G-suite marketplace and search for “Secure file encryption”.
  • Click the blue-colored “Install” button.
How to password protect your Google Docs
  • Secure file encryption will need your permission to start installing. Click continue to proceed. The add-on will get added to your Google Drive.
  • Now, if you want to upload something new, click on the “New” button in Google Drive’s upper left corner, hover over “More,” and select “Secure File Encryption” from the menu that appears.
upload your password protect Google Docs files in Google Drive
  • This will open up a new window to upload your file.
  • Upload the Google Docs document which you want to protect with a password.
  • Enter the password to encrypt your files. This same password will be needed to download your Google Docs file.
  • You can also customize the name of the Google Docs document.
protect google docs with a password
  • It will be encrypted before it leaves your computer!

Encrypt Google Docs With Boxcrypt

Boxcryptor hooks into the cloud-syncing programs already installed on your PC.

All you have to do is,

  • Install Boxcryptor into your computer and enable Google Drive in Boxcryptor’s settings, and then access Boxcryptor from Windows Explorer’s sidebar.
  • Right-click on Google Docs files you want to password-protect.
  • Choose the Boxcryptor > Encrypt option, and ensure the checkbox turns green.
  • Once done, you can see the Google Docs files in Google Drive. People won’t be able to access it unless you have Boxcryptor installed and logged in.

Encrypt Google Docs with Veracrypt

Veracrypt is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It creates an encrypted container in which you can put your Google Docs files and protect them with a password.

Some workarounds that might protect your Google Docs document

  • To protect your Google Docs document, make sure your Google account is as secure as possible. To make it more protective, use a strong password, and enable two-factor authentication.
  • You can also protect your laptop or phone with a password.

Encrypt Google Docs with Microsoft Word

You can encrypt the document with Microsoft Word and later you can upload the password-protected document to Google Docs using the below steps.

  1. Open the document with Microsoft Word.
  2. Click on File menu –> Select Info –> Click on Protect Document dropdown –> Select Encrypt with Password option.
Encrypt Google Docs with Microsoft Word

3. Provide the password on the Encrypt Document pop-up, Click on the Ok button.

Password Protect Google Docs

An important point to note down here is, if you forget the password then you won’t be able to recover your document. So make sure to keep your password in the safest place.

Now, your document is encrypted with a password. You can upload this document to Google Docs, Note that unless and until directly you won’t able to edit it. So all you need to do is, download the document, decrypt the same document, do the modification required, Again encrypt it with a password following the above steps, and Upload the password-protected document to Google Docs, and you are done with the steps.

And voila! Just follow the above-said workarounds and lock or protect your Google Docs with a password!