How to backup Google docs- Using 4 different Methods

How to Backup Google Docs

Creating a backup for your google documents is easy and can be done with the given three methods. Choose them as per your requirement. Let us look at the methods on How to backup Google docs.

How to Backup Google Docs

Method 1- Download the Google Documents on google drive. 

  • Open a Google Drive account and sign into it. Now type your email id and password assigned with your google account.
how to backup google docs automatically
  • You need to click on the Drive button, lying on top of the horizontal header. Here, you can see the entire google document which has been written or saved by you.
auto backup google docs
  • Create a new folder in your documents section of your PC. You can store the documents in this area each time you need to save the backup of your documents, after eliminating them from the “Downloads” organizer.
backup google docs
  • Tap on Ctrl + A to select all the files on your drive, or select one by one that you need to create a backup of.
  • Make a right-click on any of the documents selected and tap on Download.
online backup google docs
  • All your files will be converted into a zip format to reduce their size and then it will get downloaded on your system.
  • Recover the zip file from your “Downloads” section and save them in your Google Drive backup organizer on your desktop.

Method 2- Sync Google Drive 

Step 1- Login with your Google account and then go to the Google Drive section. 

Step 2- Choose the Backup and Sync option and click on Download for your Mac/PC.

how can i backup google docs

Step 3- Tap on Agree & Download to install the application on your system. Launch the application.

google docs backup

Step 4: Sign in to your Google Account.

google docs backup utility

Step 5: Check out the box that you need to sync the files to your Google Docs account. Here you can also choose to upload the photos and videos directly to Google Photos. Tap on Next.

automatic google docs backup

Step 6: Tap on the box that says “Sync my drive to this computer” and clicks on Start. This will simply create a backup or every single file on your system from Drive.

how to use google docs backup

Method 3:- Google Takeout 

Step 1– Go to the Google Takeout website, here you can get a zip folder named with .zip by your complete Google Drive Data. This helps you in saving your documents in multiple folders or much hardware. 

Step 2– Left click on the blue button tagged “Create an Archive”. Now make sure the driver logo has been ticked, and then follow some more steps. 

Step 3– Wait till the .zip folder downloads and then copies it anywhere as a backup and uses it whenever you need it.

Method 4:-  Third-Party Backup Provider

Step 1- Find out some third party backup provider by searching it on Google, some of the best third-party servers for Google Docs backup are Backupify, Spanning, and Syscloud. You can find a paid or free backup provider according to you and likely to its cost. 

Step 2- By choosing your service, sign up for it once this process completed you need to do the following steps to download your backup, click on backup Google Documents and it downloaded easily and stored in the web cloud database and also in your system, copy it anywhere you want to save the backup.

One of the most used third-party backup providers for Google Docs is Insync. To create a backup though Insync, you will need the following things:

  1. ‘Insync’ application
  2. Backup software (like the Carbon Copy Cloner)
  3. An external hard drive
  • After ensuring the above things, follow the steps given below to create a backup using Isync.
  • Step 1– Go to the conversion tab in Insync under the ‘Account Settings’ option.
  • Step 2– Select the ‘Convert to Microsoft option’.
  • Step 3– Click on ‘Apply’. This will sync all your google files to MS Office format.
  • Step 4– The converted files will be located in the base folder as word files.
  • Step 5– Open your preferred backup software.
  • Step 6– Select the ‘base folder’ as the source and ‘external hard drive’ as the destination.

Follow all these steps properly and your google docs will have a proper backup of your files in an external hard drive. There are some settings that you might have to change according to the backup software. The software will surely guide you well with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to back up Google Docs?

There is nothing in this internet world that you should trust blindly especially when it comes to securing your data. It goes the same way for Google docs as well that you need to backup all your file either be it over the cloud or on your system. If you have opted to go for auto-sync you may not need to put any extra effort, or else you can try out other methods as well to keep your files secure.

2. Can Google Docs convert to Word?

You can pretty easily convert your Google Docs into multiple formats from within the tool itself. You do not need any third-party software, instead, simply head over to the File > Download section and simply select the format you need the file. The format available are .docs, .odt, .pdf, .txt, etc.

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All three methods mentioned above are safe and working. You can choose whichever method you find suitable among them. In addition to this make sure to follow the steps properly to avoid loss of data. We have verified each of the methods on how to backup Google docs and tried them to make sure that they work out perfectly for you too. Also, following each step carefully is necessary so that you access the data anytime you need from these docs and also you do not lose any file in the process.

To end up this informative blog, we will conclude with a suggestion for you to create a backup of your important google docs. This will ensure their safety and easy availability in the future. If at all you are unable to follow certain steps or are stuck at any point, you can let us know in the comment sections below.