How to make a google docs calendar

In this blog post, we will see how to make a google docs calendar with easy steps.

Google docs let you stay organized with document management. You can seamlessly create, manage, and work collaboratively on Google Docs. However in order to stay organized and aligned with schedules and time something like a calendar would make much sense.

Google Calendar is one prominent solution that would help us to stay organized. There can be many other perfect fits as well. Such apps would help you keep track of your meetings, reminds you of important dates, and can be your awesome companion for planning out your workdays. But sometimes you might in a situation to create a specific type of calendar.

At such times your requirements could be fairly simple that might not need a heavy solution like Google calendar to be integrated.

Moreover when existing documenting solutions like Google Docs or Google sheets provide you with options to create your own calendar, why would we get into complex stuff at all? Thus let’s dive deep to explore different aspects of making a Google Docs Calendar and when it’s better to create a calendar in Docs in this article.

Why create a calendar in Google Docs?

Google Docs could be a great calendar option when you are in need. Let’s explore some of the key benefits that would out rule other solutions for popular use cases, 

  • One of the greatest advantages of creating a calendar in Google Docs is that you’ll able to fully customize all the information you store in them which is actually a little bit difficult to do in Google Calendar.
  • In such custom implementation, you can easily save short notes and descriptions for your calendar events, align all your information better, with more customized formatting in a single place. 
  • You have a wide range of options to can choose from a quick overview of the calendar to an extremely detailed data log, depending on what you wish to create.
  • This kind of custom calendar setup would even allow your team members to be collaborative when necessary. Thus, your team members in your organization can easily contribute and share their thoughts and ideas, without the hassle of frequent permissions and approvals in Google Calendar.

However, Google Docs’ kind of application is not specifically designed for such a use case. It’s on us to build out the calendar from scratch. Let’s figure out how to do that below.

Create a calendar in Google docs

Now, let us see step by step how to creating a Google Docs calendar from scratch?

Step 1: Open Google Docs in your browser window

Step 2: Click on File -> New and open a new document on Google Docs.

Step 3: Give a suitable name for your calendar and save it

Step 4: Start creating your calendar by entering the month you want to start with. 

google docs calendar
google docs calendar

Step 5: The next step is to add a table to make calendar squares. Under Insert, choose Table

Step 6: For our case of a monthly calendar we’re going to choose 7 * 6 columns to account for weekends, and the month ending and beginning midweek. Feel free to modify this as per your needs:

make a google docs calendar
make a google docs calendar

Step 7: Complete your calendar by filling in your dates. 

How to make a google docs calendar
How to make a google docs calendar

If you need, you can also include an additional row at the top for the days of the week. Ensure the date that you are adding in each cell matches the weekday it falls on.

Now finally, you are done with the skeleton part of the calendar. Let’s add some colors and be creative with it. This is where the real fun begins. 

Now things will get clear why Google Docs is suitable for such calendar use cases. 

Step 8: Use the same colors for similar days and events. To make those events stand out, use different fonts or bold items, underline, or resize your calendar blocks and give more space if required at some places. 

create a calendar in google docs
create a calendar in google docs

You can, even more, customize by adding dates, notes, or any other relevant details you wish to aware and keep track of.

You can also flip your Google Doc into a landscape view for a more natural-looking calendar.

Steps to flip the calendar to landscape view:

Step 1: Click on File -> Page setup

how to create a calendar in google docs
how to create a calendar in google docs

Step 2: Then select Landscape under Orientation on the popup page

create google docs calendar
create google docs calendar

Step 3: Finally hit the OK button to apply formatting. 

Note: If you wish your information to be aligned and fit properly, then you’ll be required to resize your calendar. To adjust the words, click the black horizontal line at the bottom of the calendar down. This will expand the bottom row of cells.

Key advantages of Google Docs calendar:

  • You will have the complete freedom to add whatever notes, images, or other media you think is important. 
  • Google calender gives you the option to create a key for reading your calendar which is a very useful feature since adding a description outline the purpose of the calendar. 

How to make a google docs calendar using templates?

Creating a Google Docs calendar from scratch can be a bit painful and time-consuming. Thus a template kind of solution can be of great help. 

Steps to make Google Docs calendar using the template: 

Step 1: Open Google docs in your browser

Step 2: Open a new document. You can do it like File -> New. 

Step 3: Now move the cursor to the Add-ons option on the top. 

Step 4: Then select Get add-ons

make a google docs calendar using templates
make a google docs calendar using templates

Step 5: From the list of add-ons type something like “work schedule” to fetch matching results. 

Step 6: Even if something is not available, you can select the Template Gallery add-on. This add-on consists of a wide range of calendar templates such as Monthly Budget Calendar, Academic Calendars, Holiday planner, Shift Work Calendar, Meal Planner, and Yearly Schedule of Events, etc.

You can chose one from the available choices. 

google docs calendar using templates
google docs calendar using templates

Step 7: Click “Copy to Google Drive” after you finish browsing and selecting the calendar you want.

The calendar will be get added to your Google Drive. Now open the file to open the template.

Note: Google will automatically generate the calendar using the new year. You can now just go ahead and add the information you want to include in the calendar.

Creating calendar with Google Sheets

Google sheets can be a bit more easy tool to create calendars compared to Google Docs. The cell kind of interface provides you with ready to use table setup. 

  • Open a new spreadsheet and choose your month.
  • Begin to format your calendar.
  • Use a formula to fill in the days of the week.

For example,

To fill in days of the week, in the cell where you want your first weekday to be, type: =TEXT(1, DDDD”).

  • Use a formula to fill in the numbers.



Description: “If the weekday for the first day of the month starts on a (WEEKDAY), and is also equal to (=) the column (COLUMN) that we’re in, then display a number one (1). “

  • Copy and paste to fill the spaces.
  • Reformat your calendar if necessary.
  • Add design elements to professionalize the look.

Creating a calendar with Google Sheets using a template:

Ready-made templates are made available to users to create a quick and easy calendar in Google Sheets.

Step 1: To create a calendar with Google sheets using a template, first go to the Google Drive website, and sign in if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Once you’re signed in, click the New button on the left of the window to create a new Google sheets document.

Step 3: Select Google Sheets and hover over the > symbol.

Step 4: From the pop-up menu that appears, select “From a template”.

Step 5: Choose one of the calendar templates. This will create a new sheet containing your chosen calendar design.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed the article on how to make a google docs calendar? As we have discussed the major tweaks with which you can easily come up with a custom calendar setup, go ahead and try things without delay. Let’s face the new normal with more productive ways ahead.