Google docs to pdf converter

Google docs to pdf converter

Google Docs is a powerful file sharing and collaboration tool that supports a vast range of file types. Learn Google docs to pdf converter. A PDF file is the most widely used document types that can be shared across multiple platforms, compressed into a smaller size easily, and cannot be edited without leaving a digital … Read more

Google docs or Office 365 or Word Online or Microsoft Office

Google docs or Office 365

This blog explains, the difference between Google docs or Office 365, Google docs vs word online, Google Docs vs Microsoft Office. Microsoft Word Online and Google Docs are browser-based word processing apps, each part of larger office suites — Microsoft Office 365 module and Google G Suite app respectively. Microsoft Office entered into the cloud with online … Read more

How to set background image or color in Google docs

how to set background image in google docs

Google Docs can create documents and spreadsheets with various fonts and file formats, including lists, tables, and images. Even though there are no straightforward ways to set background image in google docs, there are many workarounds that will let you add a background image or color to your Google Docs document. How to set the … Read more

How to download images from Google Docs?

download images from google docs

Google docs offer a cluster of options to insert an image. But we can’t download or save an image from a Google Doc with just right-clicking and Save. Google Docs doesn’t allow you to directly copy, download, or save images from a file and use them in your computer’s clipboard. So let’s look at how … Read more

Google docs version control or track changes

Google docs version control

This blog we will see how to track changes using Google docs version control. Google Docs is an effective option for editing and collaborating content with a bunch of people. But sometimes the possibility of going things can get messy when you have got a cluster of people making suggestions, changing sentences, or deleting paragraphs, … Read more

How to delete google docs edit history

How to delete google docs edit history

Ever wondered how to Delete the edit history in the Google Docs you have been working on? This blog tutorial will guide you through the process. Google Docs as we know it, has made working on assignments and projects stress-free. With the ease at which you can review and revise documents on the go, it … Read more

Google docs vertical text

Google docs vertical text

This tutorial will take you through the process of adding Vertical text in Google Docs. Google Docs which is a collaboration tool for students and professionals alike, has various tools available to better the sharing experience. For example, while collaborating on projects you might feel the need to add to the aesthetics of the document. … Read more

Google docs vertical alignment

Google docs vertical alignment

Typing documents and sharing them on docs is convenient. But when it comes to more organized and meticulous text sharing, tables are the option. Inserting and using tables in Google Docs is very convenient. Once you insert a table in your Google Docs you can easily format the contents and Vertical alignment of the text … Read more

What is Google Docs and How to use Google Docs

what is google docs

When you sign in to Gmail on the right side you might have noticed a few app options with google docs or Docs as one of them; Or a colleague might have suggested you use an online tool to speed up the project. But what is google docs and how do you use it? This … Read more