Google Docs Birthday Invitation Template

Google Docs Birthday Invitation Template

If you’re looking for a location to customize your birthday invitation, look no further. Wouldn’t you agree that Google Docs is an excellent tool for creating personalized birthday invitations? Well, you certainly must be! You may quickly and easily design your birthday invitation template using Google Docs. So, what’s holding you back from making your own Google Docs birthday invitation template?

Let’s get this party started!

Birthday celebrations are always a blast! But, guess what? Isn’t it considerably more enjoyable to create a birthday invitation template? It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

How to make a Birthday invitation on Google Docs

Follow the below-given steps to create your unique Google docs birthday invitation template. (honestly, you’ll be surprised when you finish all of these steps!)

Step 1: Open your Google Docs document.

To begin, open the Google Docs document that has the vertical text. To do so, go to your browser’s search bar and type, then hit Enter (or Return if you’re using a Mac).

Once you’ve arrived on the Google Docs main page, you may start a new file. Again, you have the choice of generating a new document or choosing an existing one once more.

To begin a new blank document, click the “+” sign at the top of the screen. You may type into your browser’s search window, and press Enter or Return. A blank Google Docs page will emerge in a new tab.

Make Birthday invitation template in Google Docs

Step 2: Compose your text according to your preferences.

Open a Google Docs document on your PC. And then start customizing your text with different text setting options like font, line spacing, justification, and hue to match your Google Docs birthday invitation template.

Birthday invitation template in Google Docs

Step 3: Allow for ample margin room.

The margin is the gap between the border and the following element of your design. To add margin space, go to the “File” option in the upper left corner of your Google doc and select “Page setup.” This will give your text a lovely margin space. 

How to create a birthday Party Invitation Template in Google Docs

Step 4: Once you have clicked the Page setup option, the page setup dialogue box will appear on the screen. The margin wraps around all four sides of the content [top, bottom, left, and right], and you may target and adjust the margin for each side. Once you have entered an appropriate margin size, click the “OK” button.

How to Make a birthday Party Invitation Template in Google Docs

Step 5: Select the suitable border

By choosing a decent border for your invitation, you will be able to give a complete look at your invitation. So, how to get to the border? To get the page border, you can use some free websites to search and download some unique page border that best fits your invitation so that you can insert it into your google docs birthday invitation template.

Step 6: Insert your border.

To insert the border, you need to click on the bottom of your doc and select the “insert” menu option located at the top left corner of the doc next to the “view” option so that you will be able to move to the upcoming steps. 

Step 7: Select the image option.

After selecting the insert option, you will be able to see the image option under the insert option. Click the image option. 

How to Make a Party Invitation Template in Google Docs

Step 8: Now, select “upload from computer.”

After selecting the “image” option, select the “upload from computer” option to upload the downloaded border to your text.

How do you make a birthday invitation on Google Docs

Step 9: Fit your downloaded border to your google docs birthday invitation template.

After uploading your downloaded border from the “upload from computer” option, as you see, your border goes beneath the text. Therefore, to fit the border on the text, you need to select the downloaded border and click the three dots located under the downloaded border. And select the “all image option.” 

How do you make an invitation on Google Docs?

Step 10: And now its time to click the text wrapping option   

After selecting the “all image option.” The “text wrapping” dialogue box appears on the screen with options such as “ size & Adjustment,” text wrapping,” “position,” recolor,” adjustment.” Next, select the “Text Wrapping” option, and select the “behind text” option in it so that your downloaded border graphic will be set behind your text. 

how to make a birthday party invitation on google docs

Step 11: last, Don’t forget to fix the position.

Writing a passage sounds easy, but a passage with zero error matters, so don’t forget to click the most important option, “position.” And click on the “move with the text.” Option. 

how to make a birthday invitation on google docs

Finally, our downloaded border is ready to travel inside the text to get the all-set birthday invitation template in your google document. Yes, just “click and drag” your border and set the border into your text. Now your birthday invitation is ready to share. 

how to make an invitation on google docs

Isn’t it bright and cheerful?

So far, this appears to be the most straightforward method for creating a birthday invitation template in Google Docs.

Let us have a quick glance at some of the basics of creating a one-of-a-kind birthday invitation template:

Select a design.

Before you choose a design, think about the topic of your event. Templates can help you figure out how to make invites. Because you’re short on space, you’ll have to pick and choose which details to include.

Choose the appropriate size.

Invitations are typically 5” x 7” or 10” x 14” and printed on solid card material. You may, however, choose whether to print vertically or horizontally. You may also pick single or double-sided printing for greater personalization.

Customize a message.

An invitation should not only answer the main questions regarding your party or get-together (what, where, and when), but it should also reflect your personality! So use typefaces, colors, and clever headlines to your advantage.

Incorporate photographs

Vibrant pictures and colors beckon. Colors convey emotion, and photo-based invites are more appealing. Use our Facebook and Dropbox import to discover the correct photographs or upload your own.

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And now we have come to an end and you must found easy to create Google Docs Birthday Invitation Template, and I hope you have enjoyed this article! Thanks for reading!