Why doesn’t Google Docs capitalize i

While working with Google Docs documents, you will find that Google Docs is not capitalizing i in a continuation statement. But, it’s actually needed while working with a large Google Docs document where it’s difficult to do it manually.

Why doesn’t Google Docs capitalize i?

Let’s see an example. I have written a few lines to show you where exactly it’s not capitalizing i. You can see it below.

Why doesn't Google Docs capitalize i

There is no direct feature available to capitalize i in this type of scenario but possible with manual effort.

For example, you can do it manually one by one with Grammarly, But again, Don’t you think it’s really a headache when you have a very big Google Docs document and you are doing this one by one which is irritating and will take a lot of time.

So, to help with this type of scenario, I have a solution for you which is just a single-click operation where no third-party application is involved.

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How to make Google Docs automatically capitalize i

This approach will at least do the job for you. Yes, we will use here the Find and Replace option that will do the job for us. Follow the below instruction.

  1. Click on the Edit menu –> Choose the Find and Replace option.

Or, you can press Ctrl + H keyboard shortcuts to get the Find and Replace option.

how to automatically capitalize I in google docs

2. On the Find text box, type”one space i ” and on the Replace with text box, type “one space I” –> Then click on the Replace all button.

how to automatically capitalize i in google docs

Now, you can able to see “i” is replaced with “I”.

why does google docs not capitalize i

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Wrapping Up

Well, this is the way to make Google Docs automatically capitalize i. Thanks for reading this article. Hope it helps !!!